Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Favourite: My Top 5 Blogs

Hello everyone :)

For this Friday Favourite, I will be writing about my Top 5 favourite Blogs :D

Now, this is in no ranking order, and they all fall into different categories so do check them out! They're all amazing in their own ways! :)

1) Handful Of Fashion - Erika Bowes
I absolutely LOVE this girls blog! She has such amazing style, she's super pretty and her skin is flawless. Erika... (I think) is from Newcastle, and is a few years younger than me, nonetheless she is really popular on like Tumblr for her fashion.

2) Ekiblog - Erika Kimura
Wait, whatttt?! Another Erika? No no, they're not the same! :P
Erika Kimura started off blogging in like 2008, and made friends within the blogging community through entering each others makeup contests. Now, she is a very popular blogger and does awesome reviews on skincare and makeup products :) I have been following her for years now, I love her posts! She's super pretty and has the most amazing skin too! :D I usually check out her blog when I decide to buy circle lenses, as she reviews a lot of them and gives really honest opinions :) She also makes her own jewellery too, and it's super cute! :)

3) WWdN: In Exile - Wil Wheaton
Now you may or may not know Wil Wheaton, he sometimes guest stars in The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's enemy.. and I don't think he's really that mean in real life haha! Anyway I came across his blog a few months ago, and I absolutely love it!! I really love bloggers (especially celebrity bloggers) that actually work hard. He posts almost everyday and he is a keen writer (hahah what). He's wrote a couple of books, done podcasts and has his own TableTop YouTube channel (it's more of gaming videos) and yeah, check it out!! :)

Do you get that? ;) Family Guy reference hahaha

4) Pretty Sickly : Yanin Namisonthi
Similar to Erika Bowes, Yanin (or she likes to be called Cyrus)'s blog is about fashion and her own unique style. I really love blogs like this as they have their own unique style and are not similar to other regular fashion blogs. I absolutely love her hair photos post, as she's dyed her hair all sorts of colours and I think I'm going to have to use one of her hair pics when I next do mine! :D

5) Zed Eats World - Zaineb
I've wrote a post a few weeks ago inspired by her rant on Facebook, and I really love her blog. Her blog is more of a lifestyle blog, and covers a range of different subjects, from going out for dinner in London (yes, she has lots of food posts! haha), annoying babies to writing essays when you should be sleeping. Do check out her blog! She only started it a month ago, but her posts are really good so take a look! :)

~ xoxo


  1. thank you sooo much for this :D actually made my day!so glad we found each others blog's. Yours is deffo one of my faves too xx


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