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Friday Favourite: Hollywood Undead - American Tragedy

Hollywood Undead have to be one of those bands that are completely underrated. Not many people have heard of them (if you haven't, PLEASE listen to some of their songs!), but if you have heard of their songs, you will agree that they're awesome.

I first heard of their song No.5 in 2007, one of my high school friends had told me about them and I had listened to a lot of their other songs (and I still have them!) And  few months ago, I decided to listen to their songs again... but I ha a look on iTunes to see if they had released anything else.

And there it was

American Tragedy (Deluxe Edition)

I had to have it!

So I purchased it immediately, and I absolutely love this album! In some way, all of these songs relate to my life. You know when you listen to a certain song and think "SHIT! That's just what I'm going through right now". Yeah, I got that with this album.

And what I absolutely love about Hollywood Undead, is the fact that they make music about things that really matter and the lyrics have some sort of meaning behind it... rather than the usual mainstream stuff: "Starships are meant to fly"... erm, what's a Starship, and, o...kay then?

 So, onto the review! Btw, only reviewing some of them as there are to many songs, and some I don't really know what to say about them!

Been to Hell - This is the first song on the album, and I usually love albums that have a badass first track. And this is it. Some might think this is a proper rock song, but I dunno, I just really love it. It's my kind of music and when I played this song, I knew that this album was definitely worth the money. This is one of my favourite songs on the album!
J-Dog said that the song is, "the truth about what really happens to people when they move to L.A., to be actors or models or God knows what other delusions people have... failure. It's all too true, but most people aren't there to see it first-hand. But we are, so it's our interpretation of it all."

Apologize - This song isn't really a rock song, but more of a rap sort of song and is a bit more party-ish? I guess haha! The meaning behind it is basically a reply to negative comments and what critics say about Hollywood Undead's music. Coz the chorus goes like this: "We don't apologize and that's just the way it is, but we can harmonize even if we sound like shit."

Comin' In Hot - I LOVE this song, haha! I remember when I first heard this song, I thought of like a crazy house party and people getting drunk... until I saw the music video for it and I was disappointed :( but nonetheless, this is an absolutely badass song!

My Town - Another song I really love! I love the chorus.. "When the sun goes down, the stars come out like the ghost of yesterday"... I love that line and also just how it sounds! "When the sun goes down, let me hear you say, this is my town"... for some reason this line I get this image in my mind, of like people on a roof top having a party and the sun is setting, and people just making the most of their life and their location.

I Don't Wanna Die - One of the songs that is more on the 'dark side'...  But the lyrics in this are pretty amazing!
- "I look inside of myself and try to find someone else"
- "I keep on asking the question,
'Can I be saved by confession?'
You see this blood on my hands at least there's no reaching to Heaven."

- "Am I a man or a beast,
Its mother nature at least
Watch humanity cease,
Cause it's our human disease."

So yeah, there are some questionable lyrics in this song, and this is probably why I love Hollywood Undead so much. I love hearing songs that you can get different meanings from. From what I've researched about this song, it's about the fear of death fueling the need to kill another person.

Hear Me Now - This song has a similar sound to I Don't Wanna Die, but it's not as....scary? I guess haha! I've noticed that the songs that are 'dark', have the best lyrics.
- "I keep searching for something that I never seem to find.
But maybe I won’t, because I left it all behind."

- "How long can I keep pretending to be?
That all the stars in the sky could mean something to me.
Heaven will open up if I live on my knees."

Gangster Sexy - This song is similar to Comin In Hot, they have a similar sound and sort of lyrics. Not one of my faves to be honest.

Coming Back Down - LOVE this song! It is similar to Pour Me - as it's pretty slow and melodic. And is a change of sound from the upbeat songs. "The lyrics describes about a story of an unknown loved one who has recently died, with the narrator having difficulty trying to live without them."

Bullet - This song is incredibly ironic, as it's really upbeat, yet the lyrics are all about suicide - drinking too much, having pills, slitting wrists... and not everyone will like it. But I think this has to be one of the strong points about Hollywood Undead. They make songs about issues like this, where as more well known and popular music artists don't. And this is often an issue that is often glanced over.

Pour Me - This is a slow song, almost similar to Coming Back Down, and has a nice melody to it. The lyrics are about drinking alcohol so much, to numb pain and getting away from your problems... well, that is what I've gathered from it haha!

Lump Your Head - my absolute favourite line of the whole album is in this song: "and my name ain't dick, so keep it outta your mouth". Hahah! Basically this song is pretty violent.. well not a scary violent but it's a bad ass attitude song. I don't know how to explain it, so just listen to it.
Another line I really like is "you keep flappin those gums like you the boss".

Le Deux - Sex! Nothing else to say about it. Just listen to it, you'll understand what I mean haha! :P

Street Dreams - the Last song on the album! Usually albums tend to get weaker towards the end (I don't know why but I usually think that about most albums) however, this is one of my favourite songs on this album. It's one of the best songs :) And the lyrics are pretty interesting too so yeah :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, although it's a bit crappy! Anyway check out the album, I don't think my review gives it enough justice :P

~ Xoxo

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