Thursday, 12 July 2012

Eating & Shopping @ White Rose Centre

Ah! I love going ot White Rose Shopping centre, like every shop you need is packed conveniently into a (however many kilometre x kilometre) space haha! And not to mention.... Nandos!

I really want one of those sticks! Sadly, the workers take it from you whilst you're busy stuffing your faces with mouth watering peri peri chicken.... mmm yummyyy! But at the same time, I'm angry coz I want one of those sticks so bad wtf.

Splitting a whole chicken between two people! My mouth is actually watering whilst typing up this post haha! Plus I hadn't had any breakfast that day either, so it was like a level up of deliciousness. And... as for the amount of chicken, coleslaw and creamy mash I had, I don't know where I put it all!

Absolutely loving this top!! Literally every shop I went into, had like an American theme clothing and it's probably a sign that I must buy at least one item with a flag on it. And I really love this! I think it's from New Look haha!

We were walking around the shops until I saw... what I think are... the BEST looking cupcakes I've ever seen. Johnnie Cupcakes, where have you been all of this time?! I haven't seen that shop there before, so I'm guessing it's pretty new.

So colourful and pretty!! I don't think I'd be able to eat them because they look so delicate and wow.. but I expect them to taste as good as they look - like rainbows and sunshine hahaa *shiny eyes*

Yeah, obv had to take some photos of myself while waiting for my mum to try on clothes.

I don't understand how my legs look so thin in these pictures?! No edit on these photos yeah, promise!!

And my fringe is growing out so I have a pre-pubescent Justin Bieber hair swag going on right now... eeek! No matter how long I take to style my hair on a morning, it ALWAYS ends up like this. Grrr! I'll be happy in a few months when it's all grown out :)

Hope you've all had a good day!

~ xoxo


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