Monday, 23 July 2012

Dying My Hair Not So 'Dark Tulip'?

Hello everyone :)

I found out about La Riche Directions hair dye after reading about it on Aki's blog; where she had used Turquoise and Violet (and it looked so pretty *_*). And I hadn't ever heard of La Riche Direcrtions before, so I decided to investigate further. 

They have such a hugeee selection of bright colours to choose from; and these hair dyes do not contain ammonia or bleach; so I guess this made me want to try it out as I wouldn't really be damaging my hair.

I tried looking for reviews on the colours I wanted; but I couldn't find many, so I decided to buy it and review it for others that may want to try it! :)

I bought it on eBay for an inexpensive amount of £3.45! And I gotta say, I'm sooo impressed with this hair dye!

So; let me show you what kind of look I was going for...

So a kind of ombre effect with a colour though... and I've had my hair red before, so I wanted something different..

And I chose Dark Tulip :)

It might look like a small pot, but this dye definitely DOES go a looooong way! I managed to use half of it to cover all of my hair.

So this was my hair before... well yesterday in fact :P 

And I had bleached the ends of it, because I wanted my hair to pick up the colour most at the ends.

So with La Riche Directions, you need to wash your hair first with a shampoo that doesn't contain conditioner. Then once you've washed it, towel dry it and then apply the dye...

Wowww such a nice colour! Haha!

Ahh scary! Haha! This was actually the dye but it looks like something had happened to my throat! I posted this photo on Facebook and people were commenting like "Woah! I hope you're okay?!" hahahaa

I mainly applied the dye to the ends of my hair, and then bits a the top.

I gotta warn you though, this dye STAINS like crazy! This dye has stained my vest I wore, my nails omg. 

So... here is the result! :D


So from the name 'Dark Tulip', I didn't think it would turn out so bright! But in fact, this is my perfect hair colour!!!!! I've always wanted this colour, and I was expecting this sort of shade from the Schwarzkopf XXL Ultraviolet dye, but I was gutted with that :/

It's like a reddish, purplish, pinkish colour haha! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Photos of me now :) hehe

Gotta edit that last one, hello new Facebook profile photo ;)

Anyway guys! Hope you liked this review! And I will post a follow up review on how this hair colour is after a week or so! :)


~ xoxo


  1. That is really amazing! My sister wants to dye her hair like this. Im going to tell her to get it!

    I invite you to check out my blog.

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah tell her to try it, you won't be disappointed :) xx

  2. I seriously love the colour!! It's prettyyyyy! If only at Singapore, there's the brand, I'd love to try too! :D

    1. Aww thank you!! You can find it on eBay! xx


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