Monday, 2 July 2012

The DOs and DON'Ts of Blogging

A lot of people blog, it's a pretty easy thing to do and everyone can blog about whatever they want... but, there are some basic guidelines to follow about blogging... otherwise you might end up in a bit of trouble.


Now this is the main rule, don't steal content from other bloggers. Whether it's photos, videos, or actual content they've written. Thing is, when people take blogging seriously (which most do), they will put their entire hard work in it, and it's not fair if some other person comes, takes all the hard work, puts it onto their blog and passes it off as their own. Like, how would you feel if someone stole YOUR photos from Facebook and said that it was them... hmm? You'd be pretty pissed right?
So, what do you do?
"Oh, this post was inspired by ________, you might like it, so check out their blog here". 
Or, "these photos were found on Tumblr".
Whatever, it puts a bit of honesty into your blog, and gives the original blogger some credit.

- DO make it YOUR OWN :

I remember watching this video a while ago that Neil Patrick Harris (Barney from How I Met Your Mother) was in, and he said "People are generally attracted to those with a strong personality and who are pretty different"... it was along the lines of that. And it goes for blogging too.
I've come across tons of beauty blogs where they're rather similar in terms of content they post. But I'd love to see more of their personality reflect on the content they post.
So whether you have a strong personality, or a different view point on things, or a certain talent, use it. 
Like anyone can write a blog post about a shoe, but there's different ways of actually owning it and making it your own.
E.g : How many miles you ran in that shoe, spray painting a design on the shoe. 
I dunno, but things like that make it unique. So next time you write a blog post, give it that signature feel that it was written by you and not just reeling off information from Google.

- DON'T be afraid of saying how you feel :

Similar to having a strong personality, a strong opinion is a must when it comes to blogging. Say, you have a lot of hatred for mainstream music and you want to blog about it, you write that shit up and you post it. People will care about it, for like 10 minutes, and they'll forget about it. There's no point thinking about how others react to your blog post because all that matters, is that it's your opinion whether people like it or not. It's your opinion that makes you, you. 
Don't think about what people will say if they don't like it, chances are, there's gonna be people who will like it.
Although don't do anything like cyber bullying or something that will actually get you fucked. 

- DO GIVE credit :

One of the good things about giving credit, is that people who read the original person's blog, may end up reading yours too. And you don't want to risk the idea of having another follower, right?
Like, it doesnt hurt to rep other peoples blogs, it shows you like what they post, and you will have that sort of 'loyalty'.
Just imagine someone reading your blog, becoming inspired, and then posting on their own blog: "I was inspired to make this blog post after reading _____'s and I absolutely loved it!"
That's gonna make you feel pretty awesome, right?

I hope you like this blog post :) And any other DO's or DON'T's I've missed out that you want to add, write them in the comment section below :)

~ xoxo

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