Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dark Tulip Hair Dye FAQ

Hello everyone!

I've been receiving tons of questions from people about my hair colour and thought it would be best to answer them all here, and hopefully this others will see this too and it will help them :)

The dye I used was: La Riche Directions "Dark Tulip"

So as you can see, in the sun my hair is absolutely bright.... like a hot pink/fuchsia colour. And this is only on my ends too...the rest of my hair doesnt go this bright whilst in the sun.

On to the questions:

- What did you use to bleach your hair?
These two products:

Both by L'Oreal. These two products must be used together to create bleach :) the blue tub contains the lightning powder... I used a spatula sized amount for the ends of my hair.. The white bottle is the creme which you mix with the powder. You just add enough of the liquid to make it a creamy hair dye-like consistency.

See.. it's like a pale blue powder.

These products you can buy from Sallys. 
However if you're not comfortable with bleaching your own hair, then do go to a hairstyling professional or someone else with experience to do it for you :)

- Why did you use the bleach?
Because I wanted my hair ends to be much lighter than the rest of my hair... like a sort of ombre effect. But also the fact that my hair is naturally dark, I wanted to lighten it, and therefore the hair colour will show up more on lighter hair.

So unfair for us natural brunettes... haha!

- How long did you leave the bleach on for?
Ermmm I would say 30 to 35 minutes? My hair ends were already a bit light, so I didn't feel teh need to leave it on that long.
The sad point about bleaching is that it DOES damage your hair. You will feel that your hair is more dry than it was before, and you need like some sort of nourishing deep conditioning or something :S haha.
They usually hair that bleach stops working after abour 55 minutes, and if you leave it on longer than that, you're just ruining your hair!

I just wanted my hair to be light enough to pick up the colour :)

- How much were the La Riche Directions tubs?
Well I first spotted them on the main website, and I think each one came to around £7... I think. But I just purchased mine off eBay, from a UK based seller that sent it 1st class delivery. Haha! I prefer buying things online rather than going out to buy them.

- How much of the tub did I need to cover my whole head?
Honestly, I used around 3/5ths of the tub. So just over half of the tub. This hair dye really does go a long way!
I read a couple of reviews for this product before I'd bought it, and people with hair shorter than mine, were all like "Oh, you need around 2 tubs because I will really scraping every last bit of it to cover my entire hair".
Nah, bullshit.
It depends how you use it too. A small amount goes a long way, and you don't need a lot. :)

- How long did you leave the dye in for?
I left it on for 25 minutes... the tub says 15 but I wanted to be sure that my hair really picked up the colour :D Some people leave the colour on for much longer.. but I don't know. I think 25 - 35 minutes will be fine :)

- Did the tub hair dye dry out my hair?
Surprisingly, NO! :D
My hair looks super glossy and healthy and sleek. I was talking about this yesterday with my sister actually, I asked her if my hair looked dry at teh ends, especially as I'd bleached it too. And she was like nopee.
There is no bleach or ammonia in the La Riche Directions hair dye, so you don't have to worry about your hair being ruined or anything.

See, my hair looks perfectly healthy and revitalised with colour :D

- What is the condition of my hair at this moment?
Still healthy and soft and sleek and vibrant :D haha

- What does it look like after a few washes?
Ermm well I only dyed it on Sunday so I'm not sure :P I'm not the type to wash my hair every single day, so this colour might last me a month or two (I'm hoping!). I will do a follow up review with photos and stuff to show what my hair looks like after a week, then 2 weeks, then a month.
Other reviews have said darker colours like Dark Tulip, Violet, Plum, Rubine tend to last the longest on teh hair. So I'm yet to experience this! :D

- How did you do it all yourself?!
To be honest, I've done my own hair since I was around 14 or 15; and I've just had all of that experience. I've had bad hair looks as well as good; but it's all come down to practice and doing your research into the products.
You can get someone else to do it for you if you really want to; like a hair dresser, but I guess you'll just have to fork out the £££ or $$$ (depending where you're from :P)
To be honest, I wasn't really scared of how it would turn out... like if it turned out bad.. then it isn't really the end of the world right? You just have to wait a few days and re-dye it.
Personally, I can't have other people around me when I dye my hair, as it just puts me off haha. So do whats best for you, do it alone with music on, or did it with someone else guiding you? It's all good :)

Anyway, I hope this FAQ has answered your questions and helped you out a little! If you have anymore questions, leave a comment below :)

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~ xoxo


  1. This looks amazing!!! Really suits you x

  2. Hey! It's really beautiful. So if I get this right you didn't bleach the top of your head? Or did you bleached everything but the ends bleached quicker than the top? I'm doing this super soon and expect the same results as you. PS: i have dark hair as well!


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