Monday, 2 July 2012

Birthday Wishlist :)

Hey everyone!

As you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up soon! yay! :D and I will be hitting the big 20 on the 24th of this month :) Thing is, I'm absolutely excited... not the fact that it's a day to celebrate my age.. but to celebrate that I'm no longer a 'teenager' and that I'm finally kinda growing up.

I know I'm not really the kind of person to thing of age as a big deal, but it's pretty weird to me knowing that I'm going to be 20 in a matter of days, and 21 in a year. I'm the youngest in my family, and everyone else is in their mid/late 20's... so I don't know, I'm a little anxious haha!

So! I decided to make a little wishlist of the things I'd like for the day, but also for my entire year... Now some are material things, and the rest are just a state of wellbeing.

1) An SLR camera:
I've been dying for a new camera for a year or so now, and I havent been able to find a more decent point-and-shoot camera other than my Canon IXUS 100IS and therefore, I have decided I want an SLR camera. Preferably another Canon, or a Lumix - as I've heard so many good things about the Lumix SLR's. And I figured I can benefit well with one as I'm going to be the Lead Photographer for the Huddersfield Student newspaper, but also because I geniuinely love photography... as you can see on my blog. I love taking photos of just about anything and everything. 

2) Travel:
I absolutely love travelling; as you can see with my Egypt blog posts. I was so incredibly lucky enough to have the opportunity to go abroad for the first time since I was 12, and I loved it! 

The Marina in Hurghada... I want a yacht one day!
Little Buddha - Sushi Bar & Lounge
Lakeside @ Doncaster

But It doesn't mean that I only want to travel abroad. I want to travel to different places of England that I haven't been to, I want to explore and just have an adventure really :) But also I'd love to do something simple, and take a different route and see things in a different light. And of course, blog about it afterwards haha.

3) Happiness:
Yeah, despite wanting a camera and to travel, my biggest wish for my birthday, and the rest of my life, is just to be happy. My 19th year was one of my best years, so many amazing things have happened and I'd love for my life to continue like this :) and I'd want everyone around me, family and friends to have a happy year... and also to pursue their dreams :)

4) Success:
Last but not least, I want to be successful in everything that I do. Whether it's my blogging, my coursework or my artwork - I will be putting my 100% in to my work, and also not to put anything off til tomorrow.

Haha these remind me of New Years Resloutions, but I like to make these sort of wishlist things frequently, just to help me keep going and to remain in a motivated mentality :)

~ xoxo

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