Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4 Shades of Pink

Hello everyone :)

As summer lasts just about a week for us all in the UK, it's hard not to let the weather bring our mood down. Because have you noticed, when the sun is out, we tend to dress a little bit different, wear brighter colours and are happy overall? 
Yeah, it's a bit sad that the sun doesn't appear regularly...

but, fear not!
As I have found 4 different shades of pink that will bring back the summer sun into your day :) 

After a large selection of pink lipgloss/balms and lipsticks to choose from... 

 Sorry I can't rotate the photo haha! :X

I have found my four shades that I absolutely love.
(and hopefully you will love them too!)

1) Rimmel London - Stay Glossy in 360 Fuchsia Fever

This lipgloss is incredibly thick and creamy in consistency, and is very pigmented! And is definitely a good for Rimmel London product haha. What attracted me to this lipgloss was obviously how intense the colour is, as it's super vibrant and bright, and is such a lovely colour too! This lipgloss stays on the lips for quite some time too, which is great if you're wearing it on an night out or event.
If you want to tone down this lipgloss, only apply a few dabs on top of lips that are already coated in a clear lipbalm. And then add more of this lipgloss to build up the intensity.
2) Vipera Lipgloss - Sweet & Wet  in 01

VIPERA is actually a Polish brand, and there was a large stall in Leeds city centre; and you can purchase lipsticks, lipglosses, tons of eyeshadows etc. And the woman there was so lovely too!
I've had this lipgloss for a while, as you can see haha, and I've used it so much! 
However there is not a lot of product inside, which is a big negative for a lipgloss fanatic like me haha!
Although, I love this colour as it's not as pigmented as the Rimmel London lipgloss, yet it still has a lovely colour and is suitable for everyday.

3) Lancome - Juicy Tubes in (unknown) sadly I don't know the shade as there is no label on it.

This lipgloss (well this one in particular) is so small and cute haha, and fits right in to your pocket or small clutch bag on a night out. And the colour is a lovely baby pink, cute when applied on its own. But it adds a shimmer and glossy effect when applied on top of another lipstick shade.
4) Natural Collection - Juicy Lips ligloss in Raspberry Ripple

 I bought this lipgloss as I was venturing out for a 'nude' sort of lipgloss, and yes, I could've bought a clear lipgloss... but I decided to buy this frosty pink shade as 've never had one like this before. And this is the perfect highlight too for lips (if you ever want to create a plumped lip effect), and is quite classy on its own too. However, for my skin tone, this shade doesn't really suit me when applied on its own... :/

Natural Collection is one of those brands that not many people actually appreciate. Yes, the products are cheap, but they often have some really lovely products. Lipglosses and Lipsticks are my favourite from them, as they have so many lovely shades. For £.199, their products are definitely a bargain.

All of the shades in order...

Now you can make everyday summer... 

hahaa that was lame.

~ xoxo

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