Saturday, 23 June 2012

Witch Hazel Tinted Moisturiser & Concealer Review ~

Hello everyone! ♥

I'm going to be reviewing three products today:
a) Witch Hazel Tinted Moisturiser in 02 Medium
b) Witch Hazel Concealer Stick in 01 Natural
c) With Hazel Liquid Concealer in 02 Medium

Here are the swatches (in the order ^^)

As you can see, the tinted moisturiser is pretty tan, compared to the liquid concealer, despite them being the same named shades.
And the cover stick looks a little bit chalky.

But what I found was:
a) Apply the tinted moisturiser first, it appears to be this tan shade (and I was like 'ugh omg why is it so brown' - coz I'm really pale for a brown girl hahahaa). Until I blended the cream, and it adjusted to my shade and it looked really matched.
b) Apply the Concealer Stick over dark areas (but can't be on dry skin, as it really emphasises the texture) and blend it well
c) And on dry textures, apply the Liquid Concealer and blen it out well.

Now, these products all contain Witch Hazel, which was the main selling point for me as I have incredibly blemish prone skin, and I would love makeup that doesn't cause any breakouts. And for me, this has been pretty good in terms of not breaking me out. Yet, it doesn't last well on the skin.

I'd say that after three to four hours, it will start to fade (even after applying a pressed powder on top to seal it all). So that it the only downside...

Oh, and also the medium shade can look pretty light for actual medium skin tones. So I had to apply on blusher and bronzer to my face to make it look more natural :)

Here are pics:

All that is on my face are the three Witch Hazel products, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

As you can see, my problem areas are my chin and cheeks - the rest of my face is a lot clearer than how it used to be, so I'm thankful for that!

This is the final look:

And last pic, edited obviously hahaa

I hope you enjoyed this review! :) & thank you for reading! ♥
~ xoxo

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