Thursday, 21 June 2012

What To Expect In Egypt, As A Tourist

This generally applies to the main tourist areas of Egypt :)

- Seeing children in the middle of town at 3am, just chilling casually with their friends or with their family.

- LOTS of taxis. I think possbily 75% of road vehicles are taxis, and the rest are personal cars and trucks. Yet, the taxis are very cheap compared to taxis in England that will rip you off.

- The locals will approach you, but there is a bigger chance of them approaching you if you're female.
And when you go into the shops, men will stare at you

- When you go into shops, there is a 99.9% chance you will get offered a warm drink. When my sister and I went into this perfume shop, we were given a hibiscus plant drink... but we didn't drink it as we were thinking "if we were given a drink at a random shop in England, it will be filled with drugs and shit" haha.

- There's shisha everywhere.

- Half of the road and shop signs are in Russian, Arabic and English.. and it's incredible to know how majoirty of the shop workers know each three of these languages, including more; German, Italian and Polish etc.

- When you go to a cafe, you will end up seeing a local on a date with a tourist and most of these dates are incredibly AWKWARD to watch. Sometimes you will see the local (usually being the man) looking at other girls / talking on the phone for a large amount of time.

- There are a lot of stray cats, even more than dogs. But cats are given a better treatment, as they get fed by cafe/restaurant owners and are looked after by them.

- Hotel staff are over friendly. For example, when they find out you're a tourist, they will ask you things like:
"Where are you from?"
"What is your name?"
"What do you work as?"
and then the big one...
"Can I take you out sometime?"
And the only way to get someone to stop asking you all of this, isn;t by saying "No".. it's by saying "Oh, I'm engaged and going to get married this year".

- There aren't pyramids everywhere. Sorry to ruin your imaginary visions of Egypt, but the area looks like any normal town, but there is a lot of sand everywhere. In fact, there are large piles of sand, but not to be confused with pyramids yeah :P

- There is a law against public displays of affection. So you will not see an Egyptian couple kissing or hugging in public.. It's a little different for tourists. But, the general law is that there is a maximum of just holding hands in public, and that is it, else you will be sent to prison... A little dramatic or what?!

~ xoxo

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