Monday, 25 June 2012

University - What you SHOULD be like, but what you REALLY end up like

I think it's pretty certain that when you know you're about to start University, you have this whole idea in mind about what it's going to be like.

From the moment you get accepted into your chosen University, you all of a sudden start fantasising (well... if fantasising is what you want to call it) about the people you're going to meet, what you're going to wear, what you think your classes ar going to be like.. and maybe sort out a iPod playlist (okay well, maybe that was just me).

And I always had this impression in my mind that University life (for me) was going to be super exciting and full of random experiences - and trust me it is! But, I started off my year how I'd started off high school. I was prepared with a bag full of pens, notebooks, a diary. A diary. The same diary that I'd forgot about a month after I started the year. I was always 10 minutes early for my lectures and seminars (yeah, I sound like a douche write now) - but hey, I take my education seriously.

Now, that is what you should be like. And for the most part, a lot of us are like that and remain like that throughout the whole year. Whereas some tend to slip off the rails a little bit.


Leaving deadlines til the night (or should I say, a couple hours) before. Yeah, I know tons of people who had spent the entire night doing their work that they'd been given a week to do. Now, don't get me wrong, these were just weekly homework and not much of a big deal. And to be honest, most, if not all, do leave work til the last day. I'm pretty sure it's part of human nature to leave it all up to the last day.

Eating, a lot. When I first started, I would take some snacks from home and eat that instead of buying lunch... but then... then my homemade food somehow kinda turned into McDonalds... *hides face in shame* haha. It's a little bit difficult to resist the fast food when you're practically 4 minutes walking distance away from it haha!
Although I'm guessing it's different for those who are living away from home rather than commuting?

Getting out of bed 10 minutes before your lecture. Now, this was inspired by quite a few people I know who live in student accomodation just outside of Uni. And they'd originally wake up around an hour before their lecture, giving themselves time to get ready and eat. But then that hour had slowly crept down to 10 minutes. Where they'd have just enought time to get ready and run to their lecture halls. 
But, in some cases, they'd miss their lectures.
And  I guess that's the downside about living so close to Uni, that you don't feel the need to go as it's only 'around the corner'.

Shots before a lecture? Now, I only know of one girl who had a shot before a lecture as she was feeling really ill, and her friends thought it would be a good idea. But, she ended up feeling worse... I don't know, I couldn't really imagine having a shot before an hour long lecture, and I'm pretty sure as hell it wouldn't make me feel any better if I was suffering from flu.

You make less of an appearance. Now, most people at Uni start off wantign to make a good impression for others and they do this by wearing really nice clothes, sorting their hair, wearing makeup etc. And like a month later, your main priorities are to get out of bed on time, brush your teeth and make sure you have all of your books. And it's not that we are lazy, well maybe it is. But to be honest, not many people care so much about what you look like, but what you have to offer. I know that's kinda cheesy, but it's true!

Yeah, those are a few examples of how some... or most students end up during their University. And the list doesn't stop there... Yeah! There are tons more other shit that happens, that you wouldn't expect.

So when you think about starting your first year of University, just remember:
a) There are thousands of other people around your age
b) There are tons of food places around campus
c) There are drinks available from some of these places

And when you put them all together, you have one hell of a party.

~ xoxo


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