Saturday, 2 June 2012

Thomson Airways Kinda Suck..

So I went to Egypt last week and we flew by Thomson Airways. And because it was a 6 to 7 hour flight, I was expecting there to be a tv, or some form of entertainment... How wrong was I?

There was no television to play movies, there was no radio of any kind and all you could do is eat, sleep or look out of the window. Well that was unless you had a book or magazine to keep you busy. And looking out of a window for even half an hour, gets pretty boring.

Especially if you're flying at night time, then you're basically looking out at nothing. So unless you like looking out at a big window of nothing, you're going to be friggin bored.

My airplane journey on the way to Egypt was entertaining, as we were flying out during the day, so I got to see an amazing sunset and a beautiful view of Hurghada lit up at night.

But on the flight back to England, it was the complete opposite. And I had to spend 6 hours freezing my butt off as there weren't any blankets, and I couldn't exactly sleep as I was sitting in the middle seat. Ffss..

So Thomson Airways, if you're reading this....

<big>PLEASE, think of your passengers sanity!</big> Hahaa, but seriously, 6 hours of doing nothing. Not my kinda thing :/

~ xoxo

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