Friday, 15 June 2012

Thank You For Everything... :)

Guys, I'm going to be 20 next month... and jeez, I feel like I don't want to grow up. Like, I'm still a kid at heart ; I still have my parents make my food and clean my things, and I still depend on them a lot to help me with every day things (travel, money etc). I was almost dreading the fact I was going to be a year older, yet I haven't done anything.

And yesterday... I don't know what hit me, but I thought:

I'm lucky.

I'm lucky in the sense that I have everything that I've ever needed and wanted. A loving family, an awesome boyfriend, I'm studying at university, and I know I have a lot of ability to get to where I want to be in my career.

But, for the past couple of months, I had been thinking "Ugh, I'm going to be 20 soon, and I haven't achieved anything in my life." And I would always compare myself to others my age (or similar ages) that were successful - E.g Cheesie, Yutakis James, and other bloggers/YouTube vloggers. Then I realised, this year has been the best so far.. And I realised this whilst thinking about it all yesterday. In fact, within minutes I was sobbing. But obviously from happiness :) It was almost like an epiphany to be honest.

I've had the best year I've ever had in ages (so far).  


1) I went on holiday to Egypt, it was amazeballs.

 For those of you who don't know this, I hadn't been on holiday abroad since I was 12. So for me this was one of the biggest highlights of 2012!

2) It has been less than 6 months, and I have already reached 22,346 views on this blog. Which is absolutely amazing!! And I am so grateful that people have found my blog interesting haha.. I'd love to continue this for my career, who knows :) it'll be pretty cool! So yeah, I'm super happy and thankful for my readers, followers and random visitors :)

3) I got a place at university, (yeah, this was last years business) but I want to highlight the many things that have happened because of it.
- I've travelled to different places.. and because I have been getting the train, I've become super independent and slowly regaining my confidence :)
- I got a job with the University's student newspaper being the Lead Photographer.
- I've done / experienced things that I never thought would happen.. I've helped out for a music video, I've had to interview people I don't know (but I guess that's part of my degree haha), I've had some bad experiences with certain people.. but in a way I'm thankful for these experiences as it has made me a better and stronger person.

4) My uncle got married... It was one of the main events of this year as it involved all of my family and I got to see them all! It's quite hard to see my cousins these days as they have been busy with work and university, but it was really awesome seeing them. And I wish them the best of luck with their future :)

5) I started my YouTube videos again... Now this isn't much of a big deal, but I'm really motivated to work on this and hopefully gain recognition for this! And I am so grateful for everything... the comments, the feedback, the support! :D So many thanks for this!! :)

6) I feel really blessed to be able to draw as well as I can. Now, I know that I'm not the best artist out there, but it doesn't mean that I can't try to be. I will always be trying to challenge myself and work faster but produce better artwork. 
After all..

practice makes perfect :)

7) Last but not least, I'm thankful for having good health. I know I always say that I could lose a few pounds, but I have a decent figure anyway, and my health is good too as I'm looking after myself :) And I'm also thankful that everyone else around me that I care about, have good health too :)

I feel like such a boob writing all of this... haha

But seriously, I'm so happy with my life so far... and that I hope to continue living a badass life :) haha! And I'm super motivated to work hard for my career now, and one day, I'll be famous.. or somewhat relatively famous haha.

Thank you guys :)

~ xoxo


  1. Congratulations on all the positive things that happened to you. I wish you a happy birthday in advance and all the best with it! More amazing events are waiting for you. :*
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

    1. Awwww thank you so much!! :D That's very kind of you to say that!!
      I will check out your blog too :)


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