Monday, 18 June 2012

Simple; Deep Cleansing face mask review

 I decided to buy this face mask as my skin was in serious need of a pick me up. And as it is the Simple brand, and it's apparently 'kind to skin', I wanted to try it. After all, it must be good, right?

The mask itself is a thick and creamy consistency, it's almost like a moisturiser and therefore it didn't feel harsh on the skin. It smelled really pleasant, and because this mask contains a ton of vitamins and goodness, it felt good to have this on my skin.

So, what does this mask have?

 I love how the packet tells you what each ingredient is responsible for, it makes you feel more safer and happier by knowing like "oh, my skin is going to be a lot better than it was!". 

I'm going to elaborate on some of the ingredients here:
Vitamin E is usually really good for acne scarring, dry skin, or skin problems in general. And this vitamin generally aids skin regeneration and renewal. It has been proven that acne scarring can fade quicker if your apply Vitamin E oil onto the area every night.
Natural Clay is really awesome for those who have oily skin, as clay (especially kaolin clay) draws out all of the excess oil and sebum and will help prevent breakouts. Clay is really useful when applied to an oily T-zone area.
Seaweed extracts help to keep the skin looking young. Have you ever wondered why women in Asia have such amazing and young looking skin? Well, have you ever considered food that they eat, for example sushi and fresh fish? Well I am talking more about the sushi, which has seaweed in it. And it is a key ingredient as it contains a ton of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body, inside and outside.

So this is how it is when it's been applied, and I left this mask on for around 10 minutes and I'd washed it off with warmish water. After this, my skin felt super soft and hydrated, and there were no traces of excess oil on my T-zone. Also, I had less redness on my face, as I usually get redness around my cheeks and nose.

This mask is definitely good for it's price - I bought it for £1 at Bodycare, and I will end up picking up some more next time my skin is in need of repair! :D

~ xoxo


  1. Ooh thanks for the thorough review! I really want to give this a go :)

    Lucy x


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