Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pugneys Country Park

Hey everyone :)

I went to this lake/park today in Wakefield that's called Pugneys Country Park.. erm.. it was nice?

^^ I don't know how to introduce this blogpost.

But yeah, I've never been there before so it was pretty cool :) But it was super windy and quite cold, so it wasn't really the best first trip there haha. The lake was beautiful though and there were tons of duckies yaaayyy :)

Oh, and, it was thundering and lightning a few hours before we actually left to go to this park.. but surprisingly it didn't rain whilst e were outside haha :)


As you can see, there were some grey clouds forming, but the sun was out too... :S crazy bi-polar British weather haha!

 My L.A t-shirt from Topshop :)

Me and my cousin just chilling in the car waiting for my auntie - excuse my silly faces hahahah

Hope you've had a fun Saturday!

~ xoxo

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