Monday, 4 June 2012

Lana Del Rey Drawing / Time Lapse

After a LOTTT of thought and consideration, I have decided to start my speed drawing videos again (yayayyy). But under a new username (considering I had a few copyright strikes on the other one).

So to start off, here is my Lana Del Rey drawing.
It took around 5/6 hours to do... but sadly, my camera recording software DIDN'T record it!! I was absolutely pissed off when I reaslied after I drew it, that it didn't record. It recorded just the audio... :S

But I took photos during the process. So take a lookie :)

Here are the photosssss ♥

So yeah, please do SUBSCRIBE to me :) as I will be posting more actual speed drawing videos; and I have a ton of celebrities in mind that I will draw!

~ xoxo



  1. whaat? no comments? :S It's amazing,ofc you've heard it before,but you're great^^ keep it up :)


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