Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend?

Depending on where you're reading my blog from, you may or may not know that it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.. celebrating 60 years on the throne. And erm... I don't really know much else about it. But everyone gets the entire weekend and Monday and today off work. To do what?

I don't know. Watch the Queen on tv? Watch 100s of 1000s of people chilling outside in the rain waiting for the Queen to walk onto the balcony and wave for 10 minutes?

Well what have I done this Jubilee weekend+2days?

I was pretty busy on Saturday helping out at the temple for my sister in law's brother's 21st birthday. And that was pretty cool.

Sunday I did nothing whilst everyone was out... Oh oh wait, I did experience some paranormal activity in my house (but that's good for another blog post). 
And I had an epiphany.. that I should start doing my YouTube videos again.

Yeah, sounds pretty weird. But like, not only was I hiding my drawing skills from the internet world.. but also I was so friggin stressed out. And drawing was the only way of getting rid of it. Like theraputic, you know?
So I decided to make my Lana Del Rey drawing (which didn't turn out to be a speed drawing FML, but yeah. People saw it too and they really liked it so yeah :)

So yesterday.. what did I do? Upload my video. Chilled around for ages.

And then we decided to go to the park... there was a funfair thing going on but being the cheapo asian that I am, £1 entry was too expensive for me, especially as the fair closed less than an hour later. So we went to the Lakeside... 

Which was too cold. BUT beautifullllllll.

 Heyyyyyy duckie!

 Auntie & Mum :)

 Hipster photo. Yes?

 I took this on my phone and was all like ':O' because it looked sooo beautiful. Then wait...







 :O :O :O :O OMG

 I look like vomit here, but yeah :) my hair looks aiiiiight.

Then we went for food, but I'd already eaten earlier so I just got dessert... which was this absoultely sexy Rocky Road Sundae with loadsa chocolate. :X

I'm going to be so fat hahahaahah!

Then we went over to my Aunties house to have tea; (and this was around 11pm haha). We ended up watching Haunting In Connecticut (you know, to get even more scared after all of this ghost stuff in my house). Then once it finished, we ended up watching the Queen's Jubilee thing at 3am.. which was pretty random. I didn't really pay a lot of attention to it as I personally find it a bit boring. So yeah, we got home when it was daylight...

And I woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon today :) Yay me!

So far, I've watched the Jubilee thing but today, when the Queen stood on the balcony with Prince William & Harry, & Kate and the other two (Charles and Camilla?) But oh my goshhhh, the Queen looks so cute! I know this is so weird to say, but she looks like a cute Grandma that you just wanna hug! And she looks good for 86/87 years old!

So yeah.... my weekend :) 

What did you do this Jubilee weekend? Hope you all had fun with your familiaaa :)
~ xoxo

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