Saturday, 2 June 2012

I love Nemo :)

Nemo is the best cat, ever. I've always mentioned her on my blog, she's been my main model for photography (coz she's such a poser!) but she's so adorable, so it's all good.

So let me tell you the story about Nemo:
I finished a day of high school (I was in Year 8) and my brother picked me and my sister up - coz like, we are too lazy to walk home. And on the way, he was like "there's a baby at home". So me and my sister thought that it was a family friend who then recently had a baby boy. But my brother didn't say anything.

We got home to my mum standing in the entrance all like "theres something you need to see!" and she took us to my eldest brother's room. We got to the room, to find a bed sheet folded in a certain way, andwe went closer for  alook. But we was walking slow and tip-toeing... like how they do in scary movies around a wall to escape the serial murderer. Wait, this is about Nemo... Okay, slight ecaggeration. We knew it wouldn't be a murderer... but just saying.

And there was a grey, black, white striped kitten, curled up and fast asleep. She looked so cute!!
At first, we were a little bit scared as we've never had a cat before, and my sister was sooo scared of cats as she used to say "all they do is scratch!". But after a few weeks of looking after Nemo, we were like chilling. We weren't scared or anything.

She's such a sick cat, and she is super protective of our family, and our house. But she is also a softie, who likes to cuddle up to me when I'm lying down in bed, or watching tv. And she is such a poser too hahahaa.

Nemo is around 50 in cat years (woah) but she is still my little baby <3


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  1. You're cat is so cute!... and it sounds exactly like my cat Pablo he also kills birds,rats,mice and then leave them outside my doorstep!.. But hes 1! still a little baby


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