Monday, 4 June 2012

Eyelashes from Taiwan - REVIEW

I purchased false lashes on eBay that were made in Taiwan.. or Malaysia. I'm not really sure where they came from, but they're absolutely beautiful! :)
I bought these for less than £2, and for 20 pairs of lashes, it's definitely worth the money.

With my lashes, I usually cut them in half and apply them on the outer corners of my eye - just to make my eyes appear wider :) Then I usually apply a coat of mascara to blend the false lashes with my own, and ta dah! All done!

Check it out:

 It was actually my own lash that ruined it :/ pfft! I think, apply mascara before applying flase lashes will work better.

The only bad thing about these lashes is that the band is superrrr hard to bend and curve. So the end of the eyelash will end up sticking up unless you use a lot of glue! 

~ xoxo

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