Sunday, 3 June 2012

England is so much better than Egypt

[[WARNING: I was super angry when I wrote this.]]
You dont feel bad telling a guy to fuck off when he follows you into the toilet... In fact, that wouldnt happen in England.

Yeah, you feel bad. Because in Egypt, guys are really full of themselves, thinking they can pull the tourist chicks and take them on dates. And being a girl, you can't exactly be vulgar. You can't really tell them to go do one, because chances are, they dont know what the hell that even means. Yet you feel like saying it each time they approach you. "No, Im not interested in your submarine cruise... I said I'm not interested... Jeez leave me alone I'm not interested!" "No, I have a boyfriend... I dont wanna date you... I said I already have a boyfriend". Yet, when you're in England, you could just say "fuck off" and thats it.

You know what else needs to fuck off? The weather. I know British weather is so unpredictable with it's rain then sun then sleet. But man, have I missed that weather. During my third day of being in Egypt, I was constantly thinking "I want it to fucking snow, it's just too hot". The Egypt weather is hot, but too hot to do anything, even laying in the sun. Its just unbearable heat.

Hotels need to fuck off with their "50 Egyptian dollars for 24 hours of WiFi". Thanks a lot, Egypt. Thanks a lot for making my week suck socially and just ultimately boring. Maybe if you didnt charge for WiFi, you would have more people staying at your hotel.

Other than this, Egypt is okay and all. But if you're used to a cold and English speaking surrounding, then you will have slight trouble getting used it.

~ xoxo

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