Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

I decided to do a makeup tutorial for you guys and because it's nearly summer, I wanted to try out a bronze-ish look :)

I started off with my usual skin care stuff:
- Boots Botanics Oil-Free Moisturiser
- Soap & Glory Moisturising Eye Gel

Then, I applied my Witch Hazel Tinted Moisturiser, Witch Hazel Concealer cover stick
Then, I had applied my L'Oreal Infallible foundation (this colour is much more tan than I am, but I used it so my face would have that bronze-ish glow :D)
And then Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream as a highlight
Then I had applied an Inglot Under Eye Concealer and finally I set everything with powder..

Now, for my cheeks, I had used two Bronzers, both by Rimmel London. One (the 3-in-1) contains a gold, bronze and brown, which can be used to contour (but it doesn't really work well on my skin tone). However, I used the mixed bronzer as a shimmer, and the other Natural Bronzer on my cheek bones.

Now, on to the eyes!
Taking a a rust eye shadow (can be any brand of your choice, I used ETUDE) brush this colour on the outsides of your eyelids, and blend towards the centre. Now, the trick to this is the mainly, accentuate your brow bone.
Just keep blending the colour, you don't want it to look very harsh on your eyelid. And blend the colour upwards to the eyebrow, but don't take it up that high.. Haha. Just feather the colour out, yeah? :)

Then, take a brown eyeliner (I think brown looks better in with bronze shades, as black is way too harsh) and just line your upper eyelid, and wing it out a little. Then, line the bottom lid (not the water line) up to the center (as drawing up to the inner corner of the eye can make your eyes appear small...eek!)

Then smudge the bottom eyeliner a little.

Then, apply your favourite mascara. I used Thick & Fast by Soap & Glory :)

I really LOVE this mascara as it does what it says. It creats thick lashes, fast. And you don't get that spider legs effect that looks horribleee

And ta-dah! The eye makeup is done!
And for those of you wondering what my natural eye colour is, there you go! Haha, I never really liked my eye colour until recently, but I've noticed it does change a little with the weather, in the summer it gets lighter and in the winter, it's a dark brown.

Then to finish off, I applied a Natural shade lipstick (the name of which I can't remember haha!) but it's like a skin tone shade - by Soap & Glory.

And yay! The look is complete! :)

Here are some vain self pics I took hahahaa!

After a bit of editing haha! Softened out the skin, used an 'S' curve for equal contrast and brightness, and exaggerated the eyeliner and made them darker using Black brush tool on about 15% opacity.

I hope you guys enjopyed this tutorial, even though it's not all that good haha! :)

~ xoxo


  1. oh my goodness, you are SO gosh darn pretty! and i love this tutorial as well! usually a bronze-y smokey eye is my go-to every day look! :)


    1. Awww thank you, you're so sweet! I know, mine too, it goes with everything! :)


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