Friday, 29 June 2012

A BIG shoutout to GoodGollieMissHollie

Last week, I was reading up on all of my favourite blogs, and I noticed GoodGollieMissHollie had announced she was doing like a shoutout/followfriday kinda thing but with blogs.

And I thought the idea of this is pretty amazing, as it's a chance for smaller/newer blogs to be noticed a little bit more, and get to know other bloggers. It's a really nice thing for more established bloggers to do :)

So, I had decided to leave my blog URL on that post, but I didn't think my blog would be considered as it isn't a complete beauty blog. Like, I write about whatever I choose to write about whether it's advice, or what I did in the past week, and the occasional cosmetic review.

But the, this afternoon I decided to check on my blog stats, and surprisingly I had more than I usually would for 2pm in the afternoon. So I checked at where all of these visitors were coming from, and I then discovered that GoodGollieMissHollie had chosen my blog as well as another girl's blog as her first ever favourites.

I was literally speechless.

Why my blog?

Until I saw what she wrote..


I didn't think people would like my blog as it's not very subject specific... but I'm super happy that she liked it!

I'm so happy that she was so kind to write all of this, and choose my blog! It means so much to me :')
Thank you everyone that has followed me, and visited my blog and left me comments!!

~ xoxo


  1. You are so very welcome hun!
    Your blog is fab!! I know a goody when I see one!
    Happy blogging!!!! :-)

  2. Hi dear, thanks for coming over my blog anyway i think ur blog is gorgeous and filled with great post! I am so following you now! Do come by again ok!

    1. Awww thank you :) And no problem! xx


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