Saturday, 23 June 2012

88 Noodle Bar Used To Be My Heaven On Earth Until..

They gave me food poisoning... pretty badly :(

If you know me really well, you will know that I love food.. I love eating different things (and I realised that can sound a little dirty O_o) but I mean food. Like I love Thai food and Chinese food.

And 88 Noodle Bar was the best spot in Huddersfield to get Chinese food because:
a) It was super cheap
b) They had a really big menu, and even a menu that had English food (like gravy and chips - but why would you go to a Chinese restaurant for gravy and chips? :S)
c) They hadportion sizes that were worth your money.

Being a student, a rather poor student, 88 Noodle Bar was the place to go after a lecture and have your dinner, and you'd be full for the whole day. Seriously!

Me and my friends were addicted to that place, until... after one unfortunate event. We got food poisoning :'(

It was like the end of the world.. but not really, I just proper liked the food there and to be betrayed by my favourite food like that... was just so heartbreaking. I haven't had the same relationship with Chinbese food since :'(

But here are some photos of the food... as I'm pretty hungry and looking at photos of food does... well... does nothing to help it. But here anyway:

The food was yummy... but sadly, things had to be like this :'(

~ xoxo


  1. Feeling hungry after seeing this post ;)

    1. Haha oops! Glad you like the photos! :) xx

  2. mmmmmmm that rice looks so good and fluffy and I WANT SOME. sucks it gave you food poisoning, sue their ass! (haaa as if) xx

    1. Yeah it was so yummy! I know, total shame!! xxx


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