Saturday, 2 June 2012

4 Eyeliner Styles

Here are four of my favourite styles of wearing eyeliner, the first two are styles I would wear on a daily basis. The other two are much more fancy, and I would recommend wearing them on a night out or a special occasion :)

1) The "Puppy" Eye
Start off with the makeup ready face, if you would like to apply primer, go ahead.

Start drawing a line from the inside corner to the outside corner of your eye

 Then continue the line downwards, following the natural curve of your eye. Try smiling whilst doing this, as this will help you find that curve :D

2) The "Cat" Eye
 This is one of the most popular ways people wear their eyeliner, it's pretty 'pin-up' but it's wearable for every day :) Do the same as you would when drawing eye liner..

 Then draw a little flick, you don't want draw a large line in case you make a mistake. For a natural cat eye effect, draw the wing so that it lines up to the end of your eyebrow. Then you can decide on how thick/long you want the wing.

3) Double Lines
 This involves drawing a normal winged line on the upper lid. But also a line on the bottom too... Just on the lash line rather than the water line. But make sure these two lines reamin seperate (more parallel) rather than joined up.

If you want to be a little daring, you can add a line of a bright coloured eyeliner in between the two lines! It looks pretty cool :)

4) The 'False Lash Effect' 
 Draw your curved liner as usual, then draw another curved wing at the end...

To create an illusion of long lashes. But obviously, this works sooo much better if you're wearing false lashes too! It's not too noticeable and it looks super cute :)

~ xoxo

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