Tuesday, 26 June 2012

25,000+ VIEWS :) Thank Youuuu

It was my personal goal to hit the big 25k before the 27th, and well, I did!

I'm soooo happy and super thankful of those who have:
Viewed my blog
Followed me
Left me some absolutely lovely comments
Shared my blog around

And I never thought my blog would get this many views, well... not in just half a year  - but I'm really happy and surprised and grateful :D :D I know this is just the start of my blogging experience, and I hope I will be able to experience different things because of blogging. Who knows?

So now to celebrate... I'm just going to look at pictures of cats all day.

Haha, but no seriously I think I might end up doing another video tonight and possibly just watch a movie :) I've been really dying to watch HappyThankYouMorePlease lately, it's written and directed by the guy who plays Ted Moseby in How I Met Your Mother - and I've been addicted to that lately so I thought it should be good! Haha!

And this post would've been written earlier, but I had a certain little cheeky monkey distracting me from using the computer!

Sooooooo cute! ♥

Thank you again, to everyone! :)

~ xoxo

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