Saturday, 30 June 2012

GTFO, Facebook.

Hello everyone :)

This post was inspired by the wonderful Zaineb's post about how she doesn't like certain things about Facebook. DO check out her post here, as she is so hilarious!
And after reading her post, I decided to make a list of the things I hate about Facebook.

- 14 year olds that post nothing but quotable status updates from popular accounts on Twitter. - And the thing is, I don't really care what people post on their Facebook status, but it irks me when 14 year olds post things about love, and relationships, sex etc. And I'm sat here thinking "the fuck do you know about a relationship? You're only 14".
And, just to take the mick, I decided to compile a list of Twitter/Facebook quotes that I've seen posted by mid-teens, that irk me:
"I want to talk you but I just don't know how to start the conversation" - If that really was true, why don't you just send them that, instead of writing it as a Facebook update?
"Anyone can say "I LOVE YOU" but who's willing to actually apply the action that goes with the phrase, not many."
"It's hard to find real friends, real love, a real relationship.. Basically everything that's real or genuine is hard to find."
"I'm glad karma's a bitch because I know sooner or later that bitch is coming for you." - seriously? You're 14 with that amount of anger in you...?
"Call me old fashioned, but I actually take relationships seriously."
So yeah, you get the point...

- Putting x's at the end of a status update... Why? I mean, I can understand if you were writing an update for someone in particular, like if you're congratulating someone on a birthday or wedding. But why, why, WHY do you need to write it unneccesarily?
"Off to bed lol xx"
"Watchin tv xx"
"It's been such a gd day xx"
Like... I don't even know to be honest. Just... when I see people write updates like this, I end up changing their settings so they're hidden on my news feed.

- "YOU CAUSED SO MUCH SHIT IN MY LIFE, I HATE YOU" - I can't be bothered explaing why I hate updates like this. I hate when people write stuff like this, you're just begging for attention, and it isn't really going to improve your situation when that person you're talking about, isn't even on Facebook. And, it puts everyone else who has read it, in a bad mood.

- People who 'like' their own photos and status updates... I don't get why people do this, and I don't understand how they don't realise how much of a douche they look.

- People who write a comment on a photo of theirs, that someone has liked.
E.g "Thanks (instert name here) xx"
Erm.. I know it's polite and all to say thanks.. but it just looks weird. Sorry.

- Guys & Girls that take half naked photos... and they're posing and look like they're begging for attention from the opposite sex. This is Facebook, meant for your FACE, not your boobs /drawn on six pack.

Unless... of course... you're JennaMarbles

I have the biggest girl crush on that woman... and I'm not going to deny it.

And that concludes the thigns I dislike about Facebook, and I hope you can relate to some of it :)

What do you hate about Facebook? Comment below! 

~ xoxo

Pugneys Country Park

Hey everyone :)

I went to this lake/park today in Wakefield that's called Pugneys Country Park.. erm.. it was nice?

^^ I don't know how to introduce this blogpost.

But yeah, I've never been there before so it was pretty cool :) But it was super windy and quite cold, so it wasn't really the best first trip there haha. The lake was beautiful though and there were tons of duckies yaaayyy :)

Oh, and, it was thundering and lightning a few hours before we actually left to go to this park.. but surprisingly it didn't rain whilst e were outside haha :)


As you can see, there were some grey clouds forming, but the sun was out too... :S crazy bi-polar British weather haha!

 My L.A t-shirt from Topshop :)

Me and my cousin just chilling in the car waiting for my auntie - excuse my silly faces hahahah

Hope you've had a fun Saturday!

~ xoxo

Friday, 29 June 2012

A BIG shoutout to GoodGollieMissHollie

Last week, I was reading up on all of my favourite blogs, and I noticed GoodGollieMissHollie had announced she was doing like a shoutout/followfriday kinda thing but with blogs.

And I thought the idea of this is pretty amazing, as it's a chance for smaller/newer blogs to be noticed a little bit more, and get to know other bloggers. It's a really nice thing for more established bloggers to do :)

So, I had decided to leave my blog URL on that post, but I didn't think my blog would be considered as it isn't a complete beauty blog. Like, I write about whatever I choose to write about whether it's advice, or what I did in the past week, and the occasional cosmetic review.

But the, this afternoon I decided to check on my blog stats, and surprisingly I had more than I usually would for 2pm in the afternoon. So I checked at where all of these visitors were coming from, and I then discovered that GoodGollieMissHollie had chosen my blog as well as another girl's blog as her first ever favourites.

I was literally speechless.

Why my blog?

Until I saw what she wrote..


I didn't think people would like my blog as it's not very subject specific... but I'm super happy that she liked it!

I'm so happy that she was so kind to write all of this, and choose my blog! It means so much to me :')
Thank you everyone that has followed me, and visited my blog and left me comments!!

~ xoxo

Friday Favourite: HappyThankYouMorePlease

HappyThankYouMorePlease is a movie I had watched a few nights ago, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

I first heard...welll read, about it whilst searching about Josh Radnor (Ted Moseby from How I Met Your Mother) long story short, I was just intrigued about this movie as I found out that he wrote and directed it. So I had searched even more, found a trailer preview for it, and I was hooked.

Take a look!

I think what made me really want to watch this movie, is the girl in the cafĂ© who says:  
"With gratitude, the world is eternally abundant"

And lately, I have been learning so much about having gratitude for opportunities I've had, the people that are in my life, and where I am now in terms of education and my blog.
So the quote doesn't stop there, it goes like this:
"About a year ago, I was in this cab, and the cab driver - this Indian guy, started telling me...he started telling me all sorts of stuff. He was just looking at me in the rear view mirror and he said, Bliss. Bliss is your birthright. And I was like, Uh...45th and Madison? And he said, You have great potential in this lifetime. The key to your life is gratitude. You do not give enough thanks. And I said, Well, how do I do that? And he said, Simple! Say 'thank you.' And I said, Well, when? And he said, All the time! Like now. And he said that after I say 'thank you,' I should say, 'more please'"

And that has to be one of the best quotes I have ever come across in my life. Now wait, the awesome quotes don't stop there...

There's another:
"Let's be people who deserved to be loved! Who are worthy, cause we are worthy! We really are."

And, one of the most heartfelt moments in this movie, is when the girl - Annie who says all of this.. she goes on a date with this guy - Sam#2 - from her work, who she describes as "the guy who makes balloon animals at parties".. And she is slowly trying to be kind but stern and saying "Oh, you deserve someone better". Things like that.

But.. he insists she closes her eyes and just listens to what he has to say:
"It's not easy, being adored. You in particular, you have a tougher time than most, I get that. But I want you to give it a try. Think of it as an experiment. I promise, I will be very wonderful at adoring you, Annie. It's an area where I think I've got a great deal of talent! You're worth that adoration, Annie! You're worth it. And the fact that you don't believe it, has nothing to do with whether it's true or not. It is true for me, and that is all that matters."

And she opens her eyes, to see a guy that she no longer thought of in that way, but instead... just read this!:
"I'm listening to Sam #2, listening, cause he made me close my eyes! So hot! And he's making a total case for me and him to be an item. And as he's talking, it's like the molecules on his face must have rearranged themselves, cause when I open my eyes, suddenly I'm in front of the most beautiful, gorgeous man."

I'm not going to say anymore about the other characters in this movie as I'd end up giving the whole movie away haha! But there are some really amazing quotes in this movie, and seriously Josh Radnor is an amazing writer to have the ability to write up such a good movie.

Another reason why I LOVE this movie, is becuase it's not a mainstream Hollywood Blockbuster.. it's not full of super heroes or flashy camera effects or 3D. It's just a movie, with real life situations and it's relatable. The characters, much like real people, are hoping to grow up and be loved.

And I'm pretty sure everyone has gone/will be going through that at some point in their life?

Seriously, check it out!! :)

P.S: The Soundtrack is sick! ♥

Check out this song:

~ xoxo

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Clarins Masque Purifiant Eclat - Pure & Radiant ~ Review

Hello everyone :) I'm here with a product review

This was one of the products I had purchased from Clarins, the Pure & Radiant Mask which is specialised for problematic skin. In my last post, I wrote about how the lady behind the makeup counter recommended this to me after I told her about my acne break outs.

This mask contains Pink Clay:
Pink clay is a mix of red and white clay. Pink clay is soft, it is recommended for tired, sensitive & dehydrated skins. It helps to turn rough and hardened skin into soft and radiant skin, rejuvenating and plumping and helping return the skins natural elasticity . Excellent for skin that has had lots of sun exposure.

So, here's me trying out the product!

 Directions for usage :)

I love how all of the products have french directions too... I don't know.. It's quite posh haha :)

 The tube contains a lottttt of product!

 As you can see, the mask is like a cream rather than a mud type of mask. And this is pretty reassuring as I know my skin will be moisturised and hydrated, rather than feeling a little rough (how I find mud masks work with me). And it's an easy application too, just apply the cream evenly onto your face and wait around 10 minutes :)

And after, you will find that the mask has dried up a little bit and then you can rinse it all off with warmish water.

What I found with this mask is that once I had washed it off, my skin felt really smooth and not oily, and looked really healthy - as most of the time my skin looks rather dull. And also, my skin looked brighter too :D

Thank for reading my review :) I will be reviewing the Clarins Everlasting Foundation soon :)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ombre Hair?

I've been seeing ombre hair everywhere lately... but it's not even just ombre hair. It's the whole dip dying of hair. And it just looks so good!

My Schwarzkopf XXL Ultraviolet has actually faded so much that the ends of my hair are a light ginger/strawberry blonde shade, so I kinda have this ombre thing down.

But... I'm just wondering what colour would look good.

I've come across some really awesome dip dye shades and I'm actually super indecisive about what colour I want for mine haha!!

Here are some pretty awesome colours I've come across so far:

Which do you like best? :)

P.S: These photos aren't mine, I just found them on Tumblr :)
~ xoxo

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Clarins - Foundation, Masque Purifiant Eclat & Other Clarins Freebies :)

Hello everyone! 

I hope you're all well :) Today I want to share with you guys, a few Clarins products.

Basically, I was in Hour of Frasier and on the hunt for a long lasting yet suitable for oily skin foundation. And I originally hoped to get a Lancome Teint Idole foundation as I've heard such good reviews about it. But I decided to check out Clarins, as I've also heard a lot of good feedback about them.

With Clarins, they have makeup products, and skin care products that are made of plant extracts and minerals. So it's full of goodness for your skin!

I went to the countr and had a look at their foundations, and the woman that was behind the counter was so super friendly (usually you come across some snobby ladies that work behind these makeup stalls, but so far for me, I've always come across lovely workers). And I told her "I'm looking for a long lasting foundation, but one that does cover up my flaws yet doesn't break me out".
I'd given her the challenge of applying foundation over a non makeup face, just so that she knew that I had scars that really do needed covering up.

Nonetheless, she did a brilliant job! :)

And lucky for me, that day was some kind of a promotional offer day, where if I bought two full sized Clarins products, I will get three freebie items, along with a travel bag.

So the two main products I had bought were:
 Teint Haute Tenue Eversting Foundation

And the bottle is pretty huge too! So I feel like I haven't been ripped off or anything haha.

Masque Purifant Eclat - which the lady recommended as it is for Blemish Prone skin. And this contains Pink Clay which is really good for oily skin, as clay helps to draw out oil and impurities from the skin

The freebies I was given were:
 A cute makeup bag :)
 A One Step Purify Cleanser - This bottle size is actually pretty big!

HydraQuench Cream-Mask - and this is for very dehydrated skin, suitable for winter!

And a peachy Colour Quench lipgloss :* haha! I love this shade as it's kinda nude but very glossy. It looks so pretty :)

And because I had told the lady about my my skin and how I suffer from acne, she decided to give me two extra sample products - so sweet of her!
Beauty Flash Balm

Pore Minimizing Serum

And you can see on each of these items (well the boxes) it says: "Aux extracts de plants" so you know it's all natural and good for you. :)

So I'm super happy about all of these little gifts and I will do a full review on these items soon! :)

~ xoxo
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