Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why does Justin Bieber suddenly sound SO good?

I'm just saying, Boyfriend and Mistletoe are actually really good songs. I do have some of his other songs Love Me, One Time and Baby in my iTunes library, and they don't sound as good as his much recent releases.

I have to admit, I bought his Christmas album after hearing Mistletoe... yeah, shut up. And it was pretty good and I think his voice is somehow starting to sound similar to Justin Timberlake's. Which is good.

But I still find it silly how people are still saying that he is a girl, and he can't sing and shit like that. When in all reality, he does sound pretty good, he has a good voice and is talented.

I'm not a Belieber or anything like that, but I just think his recent songs are pretty good. I don't love him or hate him... in fact... I don't really know where on that scale I should place him. He is somewhere in the middle.



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