Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Sickest Place in Hurghada


Little Buddha

The Sushi Bar & Lounge located in Hurghada.

Possibly the sickest club I've ever been to! The interior design is absolutely amazing, the people that go there are mostly tourists, the bar staff are really friendly and it's crazy how they can speak so many languages. Most of the tourists in Hurghada are from Russia, Germany or Poland, so majority of hotel workers and public shop/restaurant/cafe workers know these languages!

We went on a Wednesday, which is the day when ladies don't need to pay an entry fee. I think it's the same on Sundays too! 

And one of the craziest things about this place, is that you can have unlimited cocktails between midnight and 2am. But trust me, the drinks are strong! Hahaa

If you ever do take a trip to Hurghada, I definitely recommend going to this place! And just a 2 minute walk away is McDonalds and KFC and tons of other cafes that remain open until around 5am!

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