Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Have Some Respect, Yeah?

Well this going to be a tricky post to be honest, I came across this photo on Facebook:

And I was deciding on whether or not to blog about it.
Now, don't get me wrong, I say I'm not a strong believer of any religion but there's a little thing called respect.
I believe that if someone wants to believe in a certain religion, or if they want to do something in life, let them. Don't stand in their way, and let them do whatever they want, after all, it's their life and their right to do so.
But don't hate on what others believe, especially if you don't know what it's about, and don't judge them entirely because they believe in it.

So what I'm trying to say here is that after seeing this photo, I'm quite appalled by the fact that some people don't have respect for others. In this case, other people's religions.

And I don't want to come across like a hypocrite here after my other blog post about why Religion just isn't for me, but I always think that if someone wants to believe in something, then let them. I'm happy for them to believe in whatever they want, yet, it's just not for me.

To end this post, I'm not angry or raged by the photo, it's just sad knowing some people don't have respect for others beliefs.
In the same idea, it's kinda like how enraged people burned books of the Koran. Like, it's a bit disrespectful.

Just putting my little opinion in.

~ xoxo

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