Saturday, 19 May 2012

Good & Bad Shit About Commuting For University

Having been commuting by trains to university for a year now, I have created a list of things I like and dislike about them. Lets go!

1) The seats next to the window are most likely to be warmest, as there is a small radiator near the leg area. It is the best during winter!!

2) However, you only get to experience this if you get a seat on a train. If you get a frequent and popular train (i.e Manchester Airport), it would be pretty hard to get a seat.

3) Yet once you start getting the trains regularly, you will be able to figure out which trains are the busiest and which will have the most empty seats.
Tip: If you are going to get the Manchester trains, then get it during the day (around noon) or during the evening (around 7 or 8pm - or later).

4) A funny thing about getting the trains, is that you get to see really random people. One of my friends said that she saw someone dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and just being all casual.

5) But you will experience this if the train is actually on time. During the rainy / snow weather, the trains will end up being delayed from 5 minutes, to half an hour. Which does get quite annoying.

Here is a tip for a train journey:
Stand close to the platform edge when the train comes, and make sure you rush to the the door of the train in order to get a seat!
And also take an iPod with you, or something that will keep you entertained. Sometimes peoples conversations can get annoying, or someone is making weird noises... and it just gets annoying.

So yeah, these are my pro's and con's of getting the train


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