Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gok Wan Is My Hero :)

If you don't know Gok Wan, he is a British fashion consultant, mostly known for his show How To Look Good Naked. He is also a television presenter and author of the most inspiring book I have EVER read.

Through Thick & Thin is an absolutely amazing autobiography. I purchased it last year after watching him on televsion, recommending it to Rebecca Ferguson to help with her self-confidence. No surprise, I bought it for that reason too. I needed the self-confidence help, and I'm so happy that I bought it.

In terms of self-confidence, Gok Wan had experienced so much bullying when he was growing up which led to anorexia and self esteem issues. But, look at him now. He's on television in front of many hundreds and thousands of viewers is incredible, I don't know how he does it, but I think it's so inspiring.

I absolutely love his book, in fact, I have sobbed a couple times whilst reading it. Simply because I have experienced bullying myself, and I know how it feels to be tormented (although I didn't experience it as bad as he did) - but I felt the isolation. All the name calling and traumatic experiences still bother me to this day. And even though my bullied experience stopped after 5/6 years, I'm still not the same person as I was when I was younger. But this book, not completely but, it helped me.

It helped me realise that you need to be strong, stronger than the bullies. And that the only way for them to stop, is to show that it's not bothering you, and speak up about it (tell a parent/ sibling). Thing is, I never told anyone about getting bullied (properly) until a few weeks ago, which was a bit silly. But I've received a lot of support from it, which made me feel a lot better about myself.

Seriously, this book is amazing. It's as if he is personally sharing his life story with you and you get the personal connection with him through the book. It's definitely worth reading, whether you're seeking advice and help with self-esteem problems, or you just want a good read :)

One of my favourite quotes from this book that really opened my eyes is:

"Fat was somehow no longer insulting; it simply described what I obviously was - so how stupid were the bullies when they pointed out what was plain to see?" 

So much love for Gok Wan :)

Thank you

~ xoxo

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