Monday, 14 May 2012

FINAL VERDICT: Schwarzkopf LIVE Luminance - Ultra Violet

It's been less than a month after I had dyed my hair with Schwarzkopf LIVE Luminance - Ultra Violet, and truthfuly, I'm not very happy with it.

On the box it claims that it is a permanent colour, however, my hair hair now faded and become a reddish/rusty brown shade. My hair was previously dyed a blondish shade, then coloured over with a dark cherry shade and now Ultra Violet. But I was hoping that because this is a permanent dye, it would remain this shade for at least over a month or two.

Well I guess not :(

When I first dyed it:

A week or two later:


With flash ^^

So I'm not very happy with this, I loved the colour and everything from when I had first dyed it, and even a week later, but I just wish it was permanent.

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