Friday, 25 May 2012

Favourite YouTubers EVERRR

Hey all! I decided to make a list of my favourite YouTubers EVER, my favourite video and why I love watching their videos. I have a varied interest so these YouTubers don't really fit a certain category so you may or may not like them. But oh wells!

And they're not in ranking order as I can't really pin point who is my favourite xP

1) JennaMarbles - Jenna Mourey :
You've probably come across one of her videos before as she is super popular on YouTube, but she is one of my top 3 favourite YouTubers. She is just hilarious and so straight to the point, and upfront that I think her videos are really awesome. And she speaks the truth!!

2) Kingsley :
I want him to be my best friend. He is so funny, yet he has that whole fierce girl attitude thing going on it's so entertaining. I LOVE his OVEREXPOSED videos, especially the one about Grenade by Bruno Mars.

Now don't get me wrong, she is a makeup and beauty vlogger but not just any. She's 41. Can you believe it?! 41 with such amazing skin, and the fact that she is an Air Hostess is so awesome. Her videos are so different to others, and she is such an inspiration in the messages she puts across in each of her videos.

4) Smosh:
If you don't know Smosh, then you haven't been on youTube very long. They were one of the first ever YouTubers, like I remember their videos from back in 05 which was a cover of the Pokemon theme song. Their videos are so awesome and they're both HILARIOUS! I especially love their Lunchtime With Smosh episodes.

5) Mychonny:
One of the BEST Asian YouTubers ever. He's hilarious, random and super nice too, like he really liked my Speed Drawing of him :) and it's his picture for his ChonnyDay youTube account.

6) EpicMealTime :
And bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips. I get so hungry watching this, it's almost like Man s Food but BETTER.

7) LuanLegacy :
Two words. Fierce Bitch. I say no more. Watch his videos to see what I mean ;)

8) JLovesMac1 - Jarmaine:
Not a lot of people like Jarmaine or her videos (which is quite sad) but I first came across her video about having Confidence. And I thought she was so amazing in that and I've watched her videos since! I think she's really awesome and I would so love to have as much confidence as her.

9) Dope2111 - Promise Phan:
Another makeup artist, but not just any makeup artist. She transforms herself into famous people with the art of makeup. It truly is impressive!

10) FouseyTUBE :
His dance dare video was SO awesome! You've probably seen his video Sh*t Drake Says. It's super hilarious and he's a really good comedian.

~ xoxo

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