Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Could This Be The Best Deal Ever?

Have you seen this around on the internet?

Well, I never paid attention to it until 2 months ago. In fact, I remember my friends talked about it a couple months ago, yet I didn't pay attention to them (silly me!). It was only until during my Uncle's Wedding, when my cousin had told me about GiffGaff.

GiffGaff are a new company that provide texts, calls and internet (pretty much like Orange, T-Mobile, O2 etc). And having been with O2 for many years, I was totally convinced that paying £10 for 3000 texts and 100 minutes was worth it.

Man, was I wrong.

I now pay £10 (still) but for Unlimited (yes, unlimited!) texts, Unlimited Internet and 250 minutes. Which is so freakin amazing! And as I am one to constantly be on Facebook or editing my blog, the Unlimited Internet is really useful for me. And now with my new Sony Ericsson XPERIA, I have Whatsapp which is my main method of 'texting' now, so it's definitely worth it!

The only down side is that to top-up, you have to do it online, which can be a hassle if you're always out and on the go. But GiffGaff definitely is worth trying if you're always texting or browsing the internet :)

And whats even more cool, is how GiffGaf will e-mail you after each month with how many texts you've sent, minutes you've used and Internet you've used. And how much you're saving by being with GiffGaff. I think last month, it said that if I wasn't using my goodybag, I would've spent around £41 just by the amount of texts,minutes and internet I had used!! I didnt know I was that bad hahahah!

And no, this isn't a contract! It's just a pay as you go, where you will pay £10 for a 'goodybag' (as shown in the advertisement).

~ xoxo

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