Thursday, 31 May 2012

Getting Married?

My Thoughts On Marriage

There's a few things I'm going to address in this post that you may or may not like; and if you have an opposing opinion to mine, cool, we'll talk about it. After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?

So first of all, what is a marriage? Well I'll tell you what it isn't:
A marriage isn't a big wedding dress.
A marriage isn't a fancy £2,000 diamond ring.
A marriage isn't spending all of your savings on food, decorations, music etc.
It's none of that.

A marriage IS a commitment between two people who love each other, and want to be with each other til death. It's pretty much just that.

It really irks me when some girls talk about planning their wedding, and they go in depth about what table decorations they want, and what dress code they're having. Like.. What is that anyway? Sure, it's nice for things to look fancy, but there is no relevant meaning behind it.

Because, when you're marrying that one person that you truly want to be with, you wouldn't mind a £150 wedding ring, or a small wedding. Or whatever.

As long as you're getting married to that one person, and you're happy, that's all that really matters.
Why are people in a rush to get married? Seriously? Like, what is so important about getting married when you're 20, or 22?

Seriously.. I'm going to be 20 next month and I still need my mum to iron my clothes, there's NO WAY that I'm going to be getting hitched anytime soon!

And theoretically, you're going to be with that person for the rest of your life, so what's the hurry?

Why not get married in your 30s when you have a career and moneys and stuff. Why not 40? Have a long boyfriend/girlfriend relationship first, or a 5 year engagement. Now that's pretty cute!

I know that I wanna get married someday, but I don't think anytime soon. To be honest, I'd love to get married when I'm 34 or something. That'd be pretty sweet! And then I'd have a small wedding with a band playing, and then we would all go to Nando's afterwards. Sick!

In fact, I dont care what we do, as long as I get married to the person I truly want to be with. Coz that's all that really matters.

And, it doesn't really matter who you marry... Well obvioulsy it does matter. But as long as that person is the type to go that extra mile for you, will do anything for you, makes you happy and you feel the same way he does about you. It's not about the money, or what his parents do for a living, or what area he lives in. That's just crap. It should be someone you love, who makes you happy, then everyone else should be happy too.
What happened to finding someone you truly love? There's been so many times when celebrities have gotten married, to only divorce a year or two later. Why can't they find someone they actually see a long future with?
And I don't believe that outsiders of a family should have any say in a wedding. In fact, if a couple have been together for ages and they're happy and all like "hey, do you wanna get married?" shouldn't people just be happy for them? And let them live their own married life?

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with what I've said. Leave a comment below :)
~ xoxo

Gok Wan Is My Hero :)

If you don't know Gok Wan, he is a British fashion consultant, mostly known for his show How To Look Good Naked. He is also a television presenter and author of the most inspiring book I have EVER read.

Through Thick & Thin is an absolutely amazing autobiography. I purchased it last year after watching him on televsion, recommending it to Rebecca Ferguson to help with her self-confidence. No surprise, I bought it for that reason too. I needed the self-confidence help, and I'm so happy that I bought it.

In terms of self-confidence, Gok Wan had experienced so much bullying when he was growing up which led to anorexia and self esteem issues. But, look at him now. He's on television in front of many hundreds and thousands of viewers is incredible, I don't know how he does it, but I think it's so inspiring.

I absolutely love his book, in fact, I have sobbed a couple times whilst reading it. Simply because I have experienced bullying myself, and I know how it feels to be tormented (although I didn't experience it as bad as he did) - but I felt the isolation. All the name calling and traumatic experiences still bother me to this day. And even though my bullied experience stopped after 5/6 years, I'm still not the same person as I was when I was younger. But this book, not completely but, it helped me.

It helped me realise that you need to be strong, stronger than the bullies. And that the only way for them to stop, is to show that it's not bothering you, and speak up about it (tell a parent/ sibling). Thing is, I never told anyone about getting bullied (properly) until a few weeks ago, which was a bit silly. But I've received a lot of support from it, which made me feel a lot better about myself.

Seriously, this book is amazing. It's as if he is personally sharing his life story with you and you get the personal connection with him through the book. It's definitely worth reading, whether you're seeking advice and help with self-esteem problems, or you just want a good read :)

One of my favourite quotes from this book that really opened my eyes is:

"Fat was somehow no longer insulting; it simply described what I obviously was - so how stupid were the bullies when they pointed out what was plain to see?" 

So much love for Gok Wan :)

Thank you

~ xoxo


Nah I didn't really.

But I went to the Marina - 
where there are a variety of cafes and restaurants (that have Wi-Fi!) which are next to the ocean.. and some really beautiful yachts!. And these restaurants vary from Indian, Chinese, Italian, Egyptian food, which is pretty awesome.

We went around 5pm and watched the sunset! It was so beautiful. 

But it looked even better at night!

~ xoxo



This isn't going to be a funny blog post, in fact, it's going to be the complete opposite as I'm literally bawling my eyes out right now. I've had enough.

What is it with this 'them' and 'us' mentality? Whether it's the city you were born in, the clothes brands you decide to wear, or your religion. Yeah, it's natural for us to think, "Oh, that person is a little different". But it's unnatural to fucking judge someone completely without KNOWING them.

You know, we belong to this race called 'the human race'. And that's what I believe in. We're all equal in this world, and no one should be judged upon until they do something bad. People dislike Dr Conrad Murray, not because he is of African descent, but because he killed Michael Jackson. So, why is it that people have to racially discriminate towards others? Is it some sort of personal resentment to that person? Or a resentment to their culture? Or is it what they've been told to do.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about yet, I'm on about racism. I absolutely hate it. Why is it that if something happened centuries ago, you must hate every single person within the opposing religion?

Did you PERSONALLY know the person that caused the big event? Did that person do something to YOU? If so, you can hate that person, but don't have a huge grudge against everyone in that religion. But if you don't know that person, then what is your fucking problem?

At school, you're taught to work with others, and get along with everyone no matter their background. So there is no "Oh, she is Jewish, I can't talk to her" or "I can't share my cookies with that guy because he's from Jamaica". That's just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

If you actually had a genuine problem with someone, it would sound like "Oh that guy said something really mean to me, I'm going to punch him" or something like that. Because it's much more understandable.

I absolutely DESPISE racism. I believe that everyone is different, and that people in one religion can't be to blame for one person's actions. Do you think after a century, Jewish people have a huge grudge against Germans? Maybe some do, but most just get on with their lives. It happened ages ago, and they can't be blamed for something they didn't do.

I've also had enough with caste systems. Do you know what that is? It's a ranking within a religion... In Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam... although I'm not sure if it's a 'ranking' in Islam.

But anyway, in Sikhism and Hinduism, there's a ranking, and people claim that it's about working and what jobs people had back so many years ago. When really it was about how light your skin was. That the fairest of people were the highest, and they landed the better paid jobs. As sad as it may sound, it's true.

Yet, even though these caste systems were put into practice so many years ago, they still exist now. But, people can only get married to those in the same caste. Which is pretty gross... as one day your children will be marrying someone they're related to.

Back to my point, these caste systems are a ranking, and those at the top, will have something against those that are at the bottom. They'll be like "Oh you can tell they're _(insert caste name here)_ because they look like that" or something like that.

Isn't that just stupid?!

Discrimination within a religion? At the end of the day, these people are from the same religion, so what is all of this hate about!? I don't understand it.

To be honest, I personally believe that religion causes more problems than solving anything. It just creates social barriers and twisted mentalities that are of no help in this world. Is religion more important than your own happiness? If something is making you incredibly happy, but you have to STOP it because it's not "right" in your religion. Now what? Be miserable for the rest of your life because of something you personally can't control?

I've had enough.

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It was pretty weird to be honest.. haha!

I'm really sorry, the photos weren't so good but erm, yeah. The fish were really cool and there were loads of little fish. It wasn't really worth going though, because a few days later I went to an Aquarium - where I saw even more fish that were bigger and exciting.

Here are more photos:

~ xoxo


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Egyptian Foodporn, tbh

Best fruit salad, EVER

Banana, Grapes, Apple, Mango and Melon


Chips, salad and burger meat

The BEST grilled prawns I've ever eaten!!!

Hot chocolate mmmm, it tasted just like Starbucks

Egyptian Mcdonalds

Double big Mac

Egyptian dinner:
Lamb Chops, Kebabs, Chips, Rice, Coleslaw, Mixed Salad, Naan Bread, Hummous


Mixed meat grill! Chicken, and two different types of Lamb Kebabs

Big Mac McChicken burger!

Super healthy lunch :)

Pizza Hut dessert.. Cinnamon and sugar bread rolls... I think!

~ xoxo

The Sickest Place in Hurghada


Little Buddha

The Sushi Bar & Lounge located in Hurghada.

Possibly the sickest club I've ever been to! The interior design is absolutely amazing, the people that go there are mostly tourists, the bar staff are really friendly and it's crazy how they can speak so many languages. Most of the tourists in Hurghada are from Russia, Germany or Poland, so majority of hotel workers and public shop/restaurant/cafe workers know these languages!

We went on a Wednesday, which is the day when ladies don't need to pay an entry fee. I think it's the same on Sundays too! 

And one of the craziest things about this place, is that you can have unlimited cocktails between midnight and 2am. But trust me, the drinks are strong! Hahaa

If you ever do take a trip to Hurghada, I definitely recommend going to this place! And just a 2 minute walk away is McDonalds and KFC and tons of other cafes that remain open until around 5am!

~ xoxo

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