Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Weekly photo update (without Wedding photos) ~

Hey everyone, it's been a while! You're probably wondering, "Ravi, why haven't you wrote a blog entry in a while? It's been almost a week! Usually you don't get off this thing".. Haha nah, I've been really busy this past weekend. My Uncle got married (and YES, I will post photos on here) and it's been incredibly exciting, fun and hectic too. Today has been my first day of chilling out, so I'm just sorting out the wedding photos, and pre-wedding photos, and I will upload them all in a blog entry with captions and explanations.
Nonetheless, here are some other photos that I have taken this week, and have all been glazed over with a summery-looking filter ♥ so enjoy!

P.S; the weather the past week has been absolutely amazing! But now, we are getting weather warnings for snow?! Say whatt....!? That's British weather for you ;)

My mum got a courtesy car for a day from Lexus, while her car was in being serviced. The car they gave us was HOTTT ♥

Costco Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza omnomnom...

Nemo basking in the sun... and, my fat feet.

A flower....

Chillin in the sun, with my iPod and my notepad. I was hoping to write up new blog posts, but as soon as I got outside, it was too hot and the sun was blinding me. So I couldn't really see... but I managed to stay outside for an hour or so, just chillin with Nemo and I got a bit of a tan yayayay :DD

Yay for summery flower photo.... looks so hipster with this filter on it.

EOS Adult Grey lenses ♥

None filter photos:

Munching some strawberries... mmmmm!

She looks so funny hahaha it's SO cute!

EOS Adult Grey lens ~ Upside down, yo!

Hope everyone has had a great week!

~ xoxo

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