Thursday, 19 April 2012

STOP Comparing Yourself

I don't know if I should be scared or slightly happy or freaked out or what. I've found out there's someone (not going to say who), but 'it' is constantly talking about me... not in a really bad way... but sort of bad, it's hard to explain.

So this 'it' is constantly reading my blog, and comparing 'itself' to me... yet me and 'it' have never actually met. In fact, 'it' only knew about me around a month ago. Yet, 'it' seems to be kinda... I don't know, in denial maybe? 'It' referred to me in 'it's' blog a while ago saying I'm a (not to toot my own horn) but a better person? In terms of appearances.

Now let me explain why 'it' is in denial:
1) 'It' has never met me, never talked to me (in real life or online), but 'it' is probably jugding me on what I write on here or what 'it' sees on my Twitter.... or whatever 'it' looks at. Like, I could be completely different to 'it's' own judgment about me.

2) I'm not really all that. Sure, I can eat a lotttt (the amount of pizza, chocolate and cheeseburgers I've eaten in the past two days is crazy) and not really gain more weight (if I do, I can lose it all within a week or less).


3) I have my insecurities too. I'm not perfect, 'it' isn't perfect, but who the hell is?!

Which brings me to the main purpose of this blog post:

When you compare yourself to someone, you're in a way trying to copy them. You might think that you're not as pretty, or smart, or thin as that person, but really, who gives a crap anyway?! Trust me, there are more things in life to worry about than how much you're not like someone. What happened to global warming? Or wars in the Middle East? Or homeless orphans in Laos? Okay, that's a little bit exaggerating but do you get what I'm saying? Your self-judgement issues
are minor compared to those situations.

Truthfully, I can say there are tons of better looking girls than me, but, I don't care. I have a life, I have other things going for me too. I honestly stopped comparing myself to people like a couple of years ago, when people actually liked me because I was me. I'm shy as hell, I say really stupid things but I can get people fooled into thinking I'm stupid, I'm really opinionated - which some people can't handle - I have my own clothing style, I draw really random stuff. Whatever.

When I stopped comparing myself to other people and what others think of me, that's when I'm truly myself. That's when I'm most comfortable. My hair can be a mess, my makeup half applied, crappy clothes, but if I'm comfortable, then it's fine.

You have to think about your strengths, like what do you have that others don't. And just go with that. Mine just happens to be art and blogging (I'm pretty shit with everything else ha). But whatever, there's only one Ravinder Osahn... and there's only one you. Don't waste your life trying to be someone you're not, you'll only end up unhappy.

So the moral of this:
Don't compare x Don't care = Awesome life. Done.

~ xoxo

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