Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sketchaday 001 & 002

I've decided I'm going to take part in sketchaday considering I haven't really got much time to write up an entire blog post as I have exams soon! I don't have much inpiration to write about anything, however I have more inspiration to pick up a pen and draw what I see.

So enjoy :)

Sketchaday 001
001 -
I've been looking at tattoo art and lettering lately.

Sketchaday 002
002 -
More tattoo lettering; did this around 1am when I was unable to sleep and got bored of revising. Around this time, I was sitting in the kitchen whilst everyone else in my family had fallen asleep. However, I heard footsteps in the room next to me... I think there is a presence in my house...

Sketchaday002 ~ Part deux
002 ~ Part Deux -
Just drew this now; quotes from music I was listening to and more eyes. I really love drawing eyes..

~ xoxo

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