Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Photoshop is for FAKES

Beacuse apparently, if you use Photoshop to touch up a photo, you hate your face.

So it doesn't matter if you use it to balance out the overall contrast, or if you just want to conceal a blemish, or even if you want to go to extremes and blur your enitre face. It just means you hate your face, or that you're fake.

To be honest, I'm sick of this mentality. If someone WANTS to use Photoshop to edit their photo, it doesn't mean shit. It just means they want the photo to look presentable.

Recently someone had been running their mouth about me on Facebook about how I use Photoshop because I 'apparently' hate my face. No.

First of all, if I did hate my face, then why would I post a lot of photos of myself on Facebook? Why would I have a photo album dedicated to my self portraits if I hated my face so much? Irrelevant.

Unlike some people, I do actually care about how my photos look on the Internet, I want to look presentable. Why? I have over 11,000 views on my blog, what's why. I don't know who is reading my blog, or looking at my Facebook - but I do know I want to look presentable to those that come across my blog.

I edit my photos so that my skin would look better, and that's about it. If I really hated my face, don't you think I would stop posting my photos altogether? Jeez.

And to be honest, I wouldn't bother with editing my photos otherwise BUT, I have incredibly bad skin. I don't hate it. I'm just bearing with how it is (in person), but I do edit if if I need to.

Have you ever considered that I know my photos look good already, but I want them to look the slightest bit more better? Hmm?

I'm pretty damn sure that they retouch images in magazines... Vogue, ELLE, Cosmpolitan and all other magazines that focus on image. So are they fake? Or is that a completely different topic? Not really. The models in magazines don't hate their faces, but their images get edited to look presentable and slightly more enhanced.

Just a side note...
I am kinda concious about my self image. Why wouldn't I? I was bullied a LOT during high school because of how I looked. I wasn't the prettiest or thinnest of girls, and the music I listened to set me aside from everyone else. It was only verbal abuse, it was constantly from those irrelevant people who are now not doing much with their lives, but I guess it's just made me stronger against criticism.

"If you stop being YOU, then you've given up. Being popular is a fucking JOKE and all those people that think they're hot shit now, will soon be pregnant and work at Walmart. Beauty doesn't last forever." - Jeffree Star = LEGEND ♥

Yet, after around 5 years of constant torment, I love the person I am.

As cheesy as that sounds, it's true. Sure, I don't look perfect. I have my flaws and imperfections, but so what. I'm still the same person, with the same music interests and ambition in life. I'm just older, resistant to people's criticism and a little bit skilled at editing photos.

And if you still think I'm fake because I edit my photos, then I don't care. I'll never comprise who I am so someone ELSE can be ok with me.
I'm not going to stop, so deal with it.

~ xoxo

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