Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Life Without the Internet

A few days ago, I was having problems with my iPod Touch (I don't know why, but since I updated it to iOS5 it's just been really really shit and I have needed to restore it multiple times!) and so, I have been left with a dead iPod Touch with no internet.

And those who know me well, know that I can't live without the internet. It's not just Facebook or Twitter, in fact I don't use those websites as often as I used to. But it's other websites, like blogs (I like to read what other people from different countries are up to), YouTube (I play tv shows at night to help me sleep), Tumblr (awesome for sourcing images) and I use Flipboard a lot too to get inspiration for my blog.

And also, my blog. Everyone knows that I love this blog... not only do I like ranting about random crap, but this is kinda like my way of releasing inner thoughts (that I want people to know, obviously) and a way of showcasing myself to the world.

So yeah.
I was left without the internet for a while. What did I do?

1) I went outside (luckily for me, the sun was out and it was incredibly warm) so I sat outside. For like 5 minutes.... and I got bored. Even with my music playing, I was still bored of sitting outside with nothing to do. The only good thing I got from going outside, was get a tan (that I now deeply regret).

2) Exercise. Yeah, being on the internet passes a lot of time, where I do....I don't do much to be honest but shake my leg a bit, and just use my right arm when using my graphics tablet as a mouse. (I don't bother with a mouse anymore... It's annoying to use it in Photoshop, and I ceebs to charge the batteries in my wireless mouse).
Lazy much?
Anyway, I decided to do some exercise.... and there was a time (last summer to be exact) when I was always in my gym...in fact, I used to spend half of my day in there. Running, Pilates, on the Bike machine, etc so I didn't get tired too often. Unlike now. I work out in the gym for 30 mins, and I get tired easily... #wtf

3) Text mutliple people. As if I only use Facebook to stay in touch with people, I did text them too... I sent out multiple texts to selected people and waited for a response. Half of them were busy... and some texted back hours later. #foreveralone

4) Chilled out with Nemo. But she as sleepig, I guess she didn't want me either.

5) Think. Think about how I actually HAD a life before I came across the Internet...but that was long ago and I can't remember what I actually did to pass time. I got introduced to the Internet like 10 years ago... so my pre-Internet memories consist of watching Disney Channel and playing with stuffed animals....

6) Sat in the corner of my bedroom, with my knees up to my chest and shaking back and forth... chanting "Must. Use. Internet. Now." repeatedly. And refused all forms of human contact from my family and spent the remainder of the day doing exactly that....

Pshhht LOLjk, as if.

~ xoxo

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