Saturday, 7 April 2012

How To Grow Long Nails

A lot of people have seen my nails (from photos, my YouTube videos, and also in person) and have asked me "How do you get your nails so long??"

Well, I have a few tips and tricks that I will share with you, to help you grow and maintain long, strong and healthy nails.

1) DON'T open things with your nails. Refrain from using your nails as tools, i.e peeling, jars, tubs. Those sort of things. Either don't do it, or get someone else to do it for you

Cheesie's nails! ♥ I'm in love with them.

2) DON'T bite your nails. This will only cause them to break and become brittle. And therefore when you do try to grown your nails, they won't grown well. The one thing that I say to people (for them to stop biting their nails) is to think about where your hands go on a daily basis. Like, you're touching your hair, keyboards, door handles - things that other people touch. And then your basically putting all of that bacteria back in your mouth... I guess that's what stops me from touching my face altogether. But yeah, keep that in mind.

3) You may benefit from taking a Vitamin supplement. Hair Skin & Nails is a good supplement to take, as it contains ingredients that help speed the growth of nails, making them strong and healthy. Also it benefits your skin and hair, so if you experience slow hair growth, this supplement will really help!

4) When you do chores like washing the dishes; try wearing the washing up gloves. As these will protect your nails from the water and prevent them from becoming flimsy. I sometimes find that a bit of warm water on the nails helps to make mine grow, so I don't really mind. Just not a lot of water ;)

5) Massage. It will help to give your nails a little massage every couple of days (if not everyday). you can either use cuticle oils (Almond oil or Vitamin E is good for this) or just using a normal moisturiser. But focus on the cuticle area and spend maybe 5 to 10 minutes altogether massaging the area. Just how you would get a scalp massage to improve hair growth, this is similar.

6) Applying a nail polish (or a top coat if you're not allowed to wear nail polish). This will give your nails a bit of extra strength... and make them look pretty :)

Anyway, I hope my advice helps in the slightest way possible for you! Good luck ♥

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