Sunday, 29 April 2012

My New Baby ~ Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

After having my trusty Nokia N95 for over for years, I decided that I wanted a change of phone. As I was relying on symbian software and a slow running device.

My cousin notified me of the Nokia Lumia 710 being sold for almost half of it's price, and I was so close to buying it, but something told me that I should keep looking around at other phones.

And I found it.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro.
What sold me on this was that it ran on Android software, (which runs many phones these days, eg HTC's and Samsung Galaxys). I know quite a few people with Android phones, and they always compare it to iPhones and say it's much better... I can't really decide which one is best, as I have both an Android and an iPod Touch 4.0 so I will see which is best ha :D

This is when I was opening the packaging:

When I got it, it came in a plastic bag thing, but I already had a play around with the phone.

As you can see, this phone is quite tiny compared to an iPhone.

The back has a type of case that won't get scratched. Which is really good. I'm really prone to getting my devices scratched ffs.

The QWERTY keyboard that slides out. It might put you off that it looks small, but surprisingly, it's pretty easy to type on this keyboard. It may look small, but it is spacious.

It reminds me of those american Sidekicks...

It came with this USB cable, and plug - so you can hook it up to your computer to charge, or plug it in to a socket. I find these so handy! So I'm able to charge it up when I'm at a computer.

It came with these headphones... handy :)

This is the security thing... you can either put in a passcode or a pattern. I've never had a pattern thing before so I chose this haha.

OMG I found this app on there! My absolute favourite photoediting app! I love how I can find all of my iPhone apps on here and download them. So far I have this, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype... just the usual stuff.

Comparing the two in size... the N95 is much more bulky.. the Xperia is more slick in design

As you can see, the Xperia is very compact. There's a lot more to this phone that meets the eye, and the fact that it runs fast, smoothly and is able to hold a lot of media and still run quickly, is a major positive!

Now here is the test! As I am really into photography, I decided to text these two cameras..

As you can see, the colour quality on the Xperia is much more viivd and intense compared to the N95! The only drawback of the Xperia is that it doesnt have any settings, like Macro mode (which I use quite a lot). Other than that, it's good. They are both 5megapixel cameras, so I will do a test later to see which one is better.

Note: The Xperia records in 720p (HD) whereas the N95 doesnt... so that's a definite step up.

Will be back with more updates about the phone! :)

~ xoxo

Thursday, 26 April 2012

EOS Candy Grey Lens REVIEW ~

I purchased these from a while ago; after seeing the same pair in brown, worn by Ekimura - Those lenses looked so pretty so I decided to get the same, but in Grey as I already had Brown lenses.

^^ in Brown

EOS Candy Grey

Diameter: 14.50mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Comfort: 5/5 - definitely one of my favourite lenses for comfort, as I wear these for over 12 hours (university life, oh boyyy) and my eyes do not feel dry at all whilst wearing them. So no need for eye drops! :)

Enlargening Effect: 5/5 - really great for a doe-like effect. Theses lenses really open up your eyes, making them look larger and perfect for heavy dramatic makeup too!

Colour: 4/5 - these lens are only grey around the edges (near the black ring) so it fades toward the pupil. I guess it's okay for a a natural looking lens that isn't too dramatic but do enlarge the eyes. But if you want something that is more coloured, then try another lens. I love the colour of these as they have the faded gradient effect, so people are unable to tell I'm wearing them :P haha

Overall: 5/5 - These are definitely one of my favourite lenses, as they are comfortable for long wear, look subtle and I wear these almost everyday. (I tend to switch up my lenses everyday)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

可愛さ ~

I came across this post on Tumblr and saw alol these kitten gifs! ZOMG cuteness overload!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I really want a kitten again.... Nemo has just grown up so much, that if I got within a 10cm radius of her, she will literally scratch me to death...


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Schwarzkopf LIVE Luminance - Ultra Violet

I've been wanting to dye my hair a purplish-pink colour for a while now, and I didn't really know how to go about it considering the majority of my hair is dark. And usually hair dye doesnt pick up well on dark hair. But I came across this hair dye by Schwarzkopf (which is meant to be a really good brand) and I fell in love with this colour! It says it is especially for dark hair, so I thought I'd give it a try!

This is the colour chart thing:

This is how my hair laready looked. As you can see, I have streaks of light brown and dark blonde in it already due to previous colourings and highlights.

I had high expecations for this hair dye haha.

This is how it looked 25 minutes after I applied it. As you can see, it's very purple and looks almost like blackcurrant juice hahaha. I left the colour on for like 30 minutes as instructed.

And here is the outcome:

As you can see, the colour picked up well on the lighter parts of my hair, and it looks more reddish. Yet my dark hair is still dark. I took these photos first... a little unimpressed.

Until I saw that it showed up well in different lighting...

Stood in front of my window haha

How it looks with flash!!! ♥ I totally love it!!

Last but not least: ME ♥

The colour is a little bit darker than I'd expected, but it's still nice as I have random streaks of lighter colour. Little disappointed that it wasnt the exact colour on the box, but I'm still happy with the colour :)
~ xoxo

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Relationships AREN'T Everything

I'm sick of hearing about butthurt girls complaining about not being in a relationship, so much to the extent that they're literally desperate for attention.

Now don't get me wrong, relationships are cool and having a boyfriend is awesome. But it's not everything, and there are MORE things to life. As much as I like being in a relationship, I do have a life too. Say if I feel like crap at like 4am in the morning, who am I going to rely on to make me happy? I'm not going to call him up and depend on him to make me feel better (although I know he wouldn't mind), but I'm going to turn up some Lana Del Rey and get my ass back to sleep.

I hate how some girls think that having a boyfriend will instantly make them happy. To be honest, if you're depending on him to make you happy, you're going to feel shit as hell once he leaves you.

So the trick here, is to find something that you're good at, and makes you happy. Whether it's a hobby, or one of the things that you're talented at. For me, it's my blog, my writing and my artwork. These are the things that make me happy, which I don't have to rely on anyone else to get.

I know I've written about this before, but I'm the kind of person where I don't mind if people hang around with me, but I'm perfectly fine being by myself. It's just how I am. And maybe this advice only works to help people like me, and will be a little bit harder for others.

But trust me, get on with YOUR life. So what, who cares if you don't have a boyfriend / girlfriend, go sort your life out. Grow up, get some life experience and sort your life goals out. Find things that you're good at and pursue them.

"Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore."
- Lady Gaga

~ xoxo

Thursday, 19 April 2012

STOP Comparing Yourself

I don't know if I should be scared or slightly happy or freaked out or what. I've found out there's someone (not going to say who), but 'it' is constantly talking about me... not in a really bad way... but sort of bad, it's hard to explain.

So this 'it' is constantly reading my blog, and comparing 'itself' to me... yet me and 'it' have never actually met. In fact, 'it' only knew about me around a month ago. Yet, 'it' seems to be kinda... I don't know, in denial maybe? 'It' referred to me in 'it's' blog a while ago saying I'm a (not to toot my own horn) but a better person? In terms of appearances.

Now let me explain why 'it' is in denial:
1) 'It' has never met me, never talked to me (in real life or online), but 'it' is probably jugding me on what I write on here or what 'it' sees on my Twitter.... or whatever 'it' looks at. Like, I could be completely different to 'it's' own judgment about me.

2) I'm not really all that. Sure, I can eat a lotttt (the amount of pizza, chocolate and cheeseburgers I've eaten in the past two days is crazy) and not really gain more weight (if I do, I can lose it all within a week or less).


3) I have my insecurities too. I'm not perfect, 'it' isn't perfect, but who the hell is?!

Which brings me to the main purpose of this blog post:

When you compare yourself to someone, you're in a way trying to copy them. You might think that you're not as pretty, or smart, or thin as that person, but really, who gives a crap anyway?! Trust me, there are more things in life to worry about than how much you're not like someone. What happened to global warming? Or wars in the Middle East? Or homeless orphans in Laos? Okay, that's a little bit exaggerating but do you get what I'm saying? Your self-judgement issues
are minor compared to those situations.

Truthfully, I can say there are tons of better looking girls than me, but, I don't care. I have a life, I have other things going for me too. I honestly stopped comparing myself to people like a couple of years ago, when people actually liked me because I was me. I'm shy as hell, I say really stupid things but I can get people fooled into thinking I'm stupid, I'm really opinionated - which some people can't handle - I have my own clothing style, I draw really random stuff. Whatever.

When I stopped comparing myself to other people and what others think of me, that's when I'm truly myself. That's when I'm most comfortable. My hair can be a mess, my makeup half applied, crappy clothes, but if I'm comfortable, then it's fine.

You have to think about your strengths, like what do you have that others don't. And just go with that. Mine just happens to be art and blogging (I'm pretty shit with everything else ha). But whatever, there's only one Ravinder Osahn... and there's only one you. Don't waste your life trying to be someone you're not, you'll only end up unhappy.

So the moral of this:
Don't compare x Don't care = Awesome life. Done.

~ xoxo

Eyes of Envy


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sketchaday 003

Jeez I have been pretty busy revising for my exam (that I had today) and I hadn't really been able to draw anything for my sketchaday (total fail). So I did one just now, and I will continue from today and hopefully I won't miss any days or fall behind, again haha!

"You put the art in my heart"
I saw this quote on someone's Facebook profile and it inspired me to draw this.

Afterall, this is art ;)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Life Without the Internet

A few days ago, I was having problems with my iPod Touch (I don't know why, but since I updated it to iOS5 it's just been really really shit and I have needed to restore it multiple times!) and so, I have been left with a dead iPod Touch with no internet.

And those who know me well, know that I can't live without the internet. It's not just Facebook or Twitter, in fact I don't use those websites as often as I used to. But it's other websites, like blogs (I like to read what other people from different countries are up to), YouTube (I play tv shows at night to help me sleep), Tumblr (awesome for sourcing images) and I use Flipboard a lot too to get inspiration for my blog.

And also, my blog. Everyone knows that I love this blog... not only do I like ranting about random crap, but this is kinda like my way of releasing inner thoughts (that I want people to know, obviously) and a way of showcasing myself to the world.

So yeah.
I was left without the internet for a while. What did I do?

1) I went outside (luckily for me, the sun was out and it was incredibly warm) so I sat outside. For like 5 minutes.... and I got bored. Even with my music playing, I was still bored of sitting outside with nothing to do. The only good thing I got from going outside, was get a tan (that I now deeply regret).

2) Exercise. Yeah, being on the internet passes a lot of time, where I do....I don't do much to be honest but shake my leg a bit, and just use my right arm when using my graphics tablet as a mouse. (I don't bother with a mouse anymore... It's annoying to use it in Photoshop, and I ceebs to charge the batteries in my wireless mouse).
Lazy much?
Anyway, I decided to do some exercise.... and there was a time (last summer to be exact) when I was always in my fact, I used to spend half of my day in there. Running, Pilates, on the Bike machine, etc so I didn't get tired too often. Unlike now. I work out in the gym for 30 mins, and I get tired easily... #wtf

3) Text mutliple people. As if I only use Facebook to stay in touch with people, I did text them too... I sent out multiple texts to selected people and waited for a response. Half of them were busy... and some texted back hours later. #foreveralone

4) Chilled out with Nemo. But she as sleepig, I guess she didn't want me either.

5) Think. Think about how I actually HAD a life before I came across the Internet...but that was long ago and I can't remember what I actually did to pass time. I got introduced to the Internet like 10 years ago... so my pre-Internet memories consist of watching Disney Channel and playing with stuffed animals....

6) Sat in the corner of my bedroom, with my knees up to my chest and shaking back and forth... chanting "Must. Use. Internet. Now." repeatedly. And refused all forms of human contact from my family and spent the remainder of the day doing exactly that....

Pshhht LOLjk, as if.

~ xoxo

Monday, 16 April 2012

Incredibly Sorry...

For the lack of updates. I have an exam this Wednesday so I'm pretty busy revising for that, and I will remain uploading my sketchaday photos :D Hopefully I'll post them later today... maybe?

Anyway, enjoy Justin Bieber's latest song Boyfriend. I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with it ♥
Think it could possibly be my summer song haha.

Has anyone noticed how much he sort of sounds like Justin Timberlake? I don't know.... but it's a good song haha

~ xoxo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

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