Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I've constantly been asked "Ravi, I've seen your YouTube videos, yeah the drawings ones, they're really good. Why have you stopped making them?". Okay, forget the bit before the question, that's just to make me feel good :P And so, I have a couple reasons:

a) University:
"Oh but, you're in first year! You can't be thaaaat busy!". No, wait. It's not because I'm busy or anything. It just that I don't do anything art related anymore. I study Journalism which involves a lot of going out and writing - hence this blog. So the time when I did most of my speed drawing videos, I was still at college where I was studying Art.

b) YouTube deleted a few of my videos! It just became annoying when I had made videos, and they were perfectly fine, and then for them to gain 40k+++ views, only to have it deleted because the music I had used in it, belonged to some company. It really annoyed me when one of my videos - a KAT-TUN drawing where I drew all six members - managed to gain a lot of publicity around in Asia, and then it got deleted :(
I still have all of the photos though...

I remember I spent absolutely AGES on this, and then it got deleted from YouTube *tear*.

c) I'm trying to venture out to other things.... mostly writing and filming (which I will be doing more of in my second year of my degree!) My time doing speed drawings (for now) is done.

Would you ever start doing videos again?
Hmmm, at the moment, no. I don't really feel it's my main thing anymore. I do love drawing (and I still post up random drawings that I've done, onto my Facebook and here); but as for YouTube speed drawings, don't think I will make them anytime soon... maybe in the future if I don't have a job.. haha!

Any memorable things happened because of the speed drawings?
In quite a few of the videos, people are complimenting on my nails rather than the actual drawing; it's pretty random but it's nice too haha.
One fo the best things that has happened, was when I made the Speed drawing of Mychonny:

(wow wtf, 25,000+ views... hadn't checked it until now!)
So yeah, I made the video and uploaded it (keep in mind, I uploaded it around 11pm that night); then the next morning around 6am I checked my YouTube and turns out Chonny had posted the video on his Facebook page. And I had so many views, a couple hundred new subscribers and also random people adding my Facebook! Random, but it was awesome.
Another cool moment was recently (okay, I mean last year) I made the Speed Drawing of XiaXue:

And I tweeted the video to her, not really expecting her to see it (as she is always busy) but I was a bit worried too, to see what she would say about it. But she RT'd it and tweeted me saying that she loved it! Was sooooo cool ♥

I think the coolest thing about making the videos was that I got to know a lot of people that are 'YouTube Famous' for example Lindy Tsang (Bubzbeauty); Promise Phan; Michelle Phan; and also Imran Khan (you know.. that Amplifer guy haha). So all in all, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

Yeah, I learned from it... YouTube haters and trolls...ever heard of them? Haha I had a few; one called me racist for drawing only Caucasian people (apparently) yet at that time I had drawn Miyavi (Japanese singer), Kidd Skilly (Indian/Mexican rapper), Lauryn Hill.. so it was pretty weird being called racist. And I have the occasional people who say "Oh, it looks a bit weird". Thanks, you're the one viewing my video :) But I guess it's like that with any YouTube video, right?

So yeah, I hope that clears up the question of me not making anymore videos! :)

~ xoxo


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