Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I felt the need to jump on the bandwagon, and write a post about the cosmetics I carry around with me on a daily basis.

First things first, I don't actually use a makeup bag anymore, as I just use a compartment section of the bag I carry all of my books/pens/iPod & phone charger/vitamins, and all that jazz. And also, I carry quite a lot of things with me as some of the time, I wake up to only have time to get ready and do everything except apply my makeup.

1) Nivea Visage - Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

For the best application, a good moisturiser is needed. And this happens to be my absolute favourite moisturiser that I have ever purchased, and I can't stress this enough!
My skin used to suffer really badly during the past few months because of the weather and poor diet and stress, and so I decided to look for one of the cheapest options of moisturiser. So I picked up this Nivea Regenerating Night Cream, and I'm so glad I did! My skin has gone from dry and dull, to bright and soft and supple.
When I first use the moisturiser, it felt really rich and greasy (which isn't really a good thing for me as my skin is super sensitive!) but I thought I would still try it. And I woke up to a moisturised face that didn't suffer a break out! And the thing I love about it is that it's not expensive, like less than £5. And it's a big tub so it can last you months!
So I apply this lightly in the morning prior to applying makeup, and wait around 15 minutes for my skin to absorb it! I also use this at night but I apply it more generously.

2)Boi-Ing Benefit Concealer - 02

I bought this after desperately searching for a good concealer that will hide my hideous under eye circles. This retails for around £16 so I was hesitant buying it, but I am happy that I did! I find that it was similar to MAC's concealer as it provides good coverage, but I prefer this one more as it doesn't dry out and emphasize my fine lines. This manages to stay put for long amounts of time (this is a huge plus for me, as I am on the go from 6am until say, 7pm).
My sister tried out this concealer, but she felt that it as too light for her - yet it was perfect for me. I am around NC30 in MAC shade, so if you are NC25 - NC30, this shade will suit you well! Benefit offers an 01 and 03 shade, so check it out! :)

3) Body Shop : All In One Face Base - 05

This is a sort of thick powder (almost like a pressed powder but a bit more thicker and non-drying). And I pat this all over my face after applying concealer. I don't really use a lot of this though. I like this because the shade really matches my skin colour (and I find it SO hard to find a powder/foundation that actually matches me). I prefer this so much compared to the Pressed Powders that you can buy from Body Shop, as they all have an orange-ish colour which doesn't flatter my skin tone.

4) L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara

I like these double mascaras, as they work for different purposes. The white to help volumise and lengthen the lashes, and the black can be used alone just to help make the lashes visible (better than no mascara at all) and perfect for a natural daily look when you don't feel like wearing a lot of mascara. This is perfect with or without eyeliner, as sometimes I feel eyeliner doesn't look really flattering on the eyes - unless you used a brown eyeliner.

5) No 7 Cream Cheek Tint in shade Clove

I also bought this with another £5 voucher, I had never used a creamy cheek tint before, so I decided to try it out!

This is how it looks when applied, but it is blendable (and blends incredibly well!) and also buildable.

what i love about this cream blush, is that it looks very natural when it's applied. It suits my skin tone and compliments it, and looks a lot more natural than a powder. This tint is matte, and I prefer this to other powder blushes, as I feel that powder blushes are too obvious as they sit on the face. This one can be blended and doesn't emphasise the texture of your skin (if you have bad skin, that is). You can apply a powder blush on top of this if you wish, but I think it looks really nice on it's own. And this shade is great for a natural look! :)

6) No7 Sheer Temptation in Shades: Attract & Delight

Attract - Nude shade
Delight - Pinkish shade

Delight was the first shade I had purchased from the No7 brand, as I had a £5 voucher and felt that I wanted to purchase a pinkish lipstick. But what I absolutely love about this lipstick, is that it's moisturising and sheer! It doesn't apply as concentrated as it looks (I remember my sister saying it looked "very bright" when she first saw it) but it's really sheer and looks more like a lipgloss. It's great for when you want to use something moisturising but want a poop of colour too!

This shade, Attract, is incredibly nude. It is almost as if it is a clear lipgloss. But this is great for applying over another colour, or just when you want your lips to look natural but all one colour. If you get what I mean? Sometimes I feel that my lips are sometimes uneven in colour, and this helps to make them look even.

I hope you like this post! As it's my first sort of beauty related post :) and check out the products that I used! :) You will like them! :)

~ xoxo


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