Saturday, 17 March 2012

Week of 12-03-12 update ~


I was waiting in the car whilst my dad went to go do some shopping, and spotted this dog in the car next to me just chilling like a boss. It was so cute and kept running around in the car and looking around at people walking past! I want a dog now... :(

Oh! I found out my friend Siobhan has the same birthday as me whilst I was interviewing her during Journalistic Writing! It was so random and it's cool. :)


so Wednesday was the day that Starbucks gave out FREE tall lattes before noon! Luckily I had a morning seminar and was able to pick up my free Chai Tea Latte... it was so yummy!

The lady who served me asked for my name, but spelled it wrong... but it sounds and looks cuter with an 'e' on the end haha! I think I prefer Ravie than Ravi... Hmmm :P

Another thing that happened on Wednesday, that I have no photos of, was when I managed to meet up with a friend - who will remain anonymous for now - and we ended up having talk in Caffe Nero, that lasted a couple of hours. The conversation was pretty good - but it left me thinking a lot of things and I'm having a re-evaluate things. I can't really say what exactly, but it has made me want to change (or improve) some traits of mine. Just change for the better really.

And we ended up having a discussion about religion, yes, hence why I made the blog post later that day about it. But that blog post has created such a fuss with many people, and I don't get why others feel so inclined to tell me what I have done wrong by believing and saying what I said. I will post more about this another time, but just not now.

Anyway, this person ended up buying a shitty dry cake that had chocolate chips in it. He took one bite of it and goes "eurgh, what the hell is this?" and re-read the packaging label. Haha. And some random guy came upstairs and asked us where to buy the drinks from. As if that bloke walked past the ladies serving in Caffe Nero, to walk upstairs and ask us where to buy the coffee...?! Ah! Some people!


Why Men Love Bitches, is a book that I am next going to purchase! I flicked through it with Vinday and we came to the conclusion that being in love is just a game, a chasing game. It can be fun, annoying, difficult or a breeze... It seems like quite a funny book, so I will probably buy it soon!

These are some books that I bought;
Eat Pray Love was one I purchased on Thursday, and the other Journalism books I had purchased online from Amazon and arrived that day. So it looks like I have a lot to read, but I know they will be beneficial to my degree and also my career choice.

I was really craving Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and Vinday thought it would be a good idea to get the BIG tubs from Sainsburys...without realising that the tub totalled to 1000+ calories. We felt so sick after we ate it...ahh! But I do love Cookie Dough ice cream, mmmm!

We had our 'end of Term' meet up again with all of our Journalism crew minus a few others. This is the cheese burger that I ate, it was so yummy! And the get together was a lot of fun too, I really love those guys - Ah I know, cheesy - but they are all awesome. And I think things are a funnier after a drink or two hehe.. It's a shame that not everyone could make it!

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