Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Things Guys Do That Pisses Girls Off

I'm just putting this out there, considering I'm good at getting the point across. Things that guys do (unintentionally, I hope) that pisses girls off.

1) Don't compare us to other girls. that's a given. And thing is, don't compare us to girls that are nothing like us! By this I mean, we don't like the same music/ dress differently / studying opposite things. It's ridiculous. How would you like it if we compared you to Taylor Lautner or Channing Tatum all the time? Huh? About how you're not muscular, or you don't have a tan. That sort of shit... it's unnecessary :)

2) Don't keep calling and texting us when we say we want to be left alone. It's pretty straight forward. "I want to be left alone" means, I want to be left alone. There is no secret underlying message about how this actually means that we want you to blow our phones up with calls and texts. Bottom line: if a girl wants to be alone. Leave her to it. She will talk once she is ready.

3) "I go it on with this chick last night". Saying this to a girl that you like (and perhaps trying to get her attention) will just drive her away. If you're trying to impress her by saying that you pick up girls all the time, it will just decrease chances of you getting with her. She will probably think you have STD's or something. So yeah, just avoid saying things like that.

4) The infamous "Don't make a girl fall for you if you're not going to catch her". This speaks for itself. It pisses a girl off so much when you lead a girl on, to the point where she does really like you, and then you just all of a sudden stop. Like you didn't even like her in the first place.

5) Overly flirtatious. To the point where you're practically flirting with every girl you talk to. Say, a girl might like you, and if you're flirting with everyone (including her) it will make her think you're either desperate or you just like to have flings. And therefore she won't take you seriously.
And for those that claim to be 'naturally flirtatious'.... just think you're talking to your Grandma (wtf) or something... or just talk normally.

6) Not being clear about how you feel. This is one thing that really pisses me off. It's silly when guys claim that girls say one thing but it means another. The same way, they should be clear about what they are saying. Okay, for example "I like you more than a friend". So.... is that a let's go out? Or what? Like, why can't you be a bit more specific. Also, say either 'yes' or 'no' if you like a girl, there is no 'maybe'. And then it's simple, and there is no need to over complicate things about feelings.

7) Don't be a dick, obviously.

So these are just some things that guys do that I (and my friends haha) get pissed off about. if you're a guy reading this, imagine if she didn't give you your space when you wanted time alone; or if she constantly talked about going home with guys; or if she was very indecisive about how she feels... it would piss you off too, right?

~ xoxo


  1. Oh they get on my nerves too when they start acting like that. Especially the third one. I was once almost dating a guy when he suddenly decided to drunk text me to tell me that he had just got it on with this extremely hot girl. For obvious reasons we didn't have a relationship after that text or any contact at all for a matter of fact. He did text me a lot after that but I just ignored it, he wasn't worth my time.

    Great post though !
    xoxo Grace

    1. Omg that's just terrible!! He definitely wasn't worth your time if he did that!! :/ xx


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