Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Friendliness vs Politeness... Or something more.. ~

I've realised I may come across too friendly... When in actual fact I'm just polite. Polite as in; I will reply to your messages with smiley faces, I'll be supportive of things you say, I'll actually have interest in what you are telling me.

For example, a conversation I will have you:
You: Hey, what's up?
Me: Oh nothing, just chatting to you and listening to music... you?
You: Yeah same
Me: Cool.. so how was your day?
You: It was cool, I did (insert random hobby here, I can't think of one LOLwtf) today
Me: Ah that's awesome :D
- converstation carries on like that -

Yeah I know, kinda crappy example but do you see where I am coming from? When I reply like this, it means I have a GENERAL interest in whatever you have to say. That is why I'm asking you how your day has been. I'm that kinda person where I will care what you have to say.


It does not mean I have an interest in YOU as more than a friend. Please, please, PLEASE do not think I'm talking to you because I like you. Don't take my friendliness / politeness in that way; and please don't like me because you think I like you... :S

Wait... by all means, you can like me (LOL this is awkward to type...) but don't like me because you assume that I like you, just because I'm having a conversation with you and it happens to be a good conversation.

There are no hidden messages in whatever I say to you in a conversation, so please don't try to 'read between the lines'.
A simple "aww thats cute", would mean that whatever you did/said was cute. Nothing more, nothing less.

If I did like you, then I would actually tell you... I don't do none of this subliminal, secret messaging thing where you have to guess what I'm thinking... :S #wtf

Anyway, random photo of Nemo ♥ :) edited using Meitu app...
and yes that is my sock x3

~ xoxo

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