Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I've constantly been asked "Ravi, I've seen your YouTube videos, yeah the drawings ones, they're really good. Why have you stopped making them?". Okay, forget the bit before the question, that's just to make me feel good :P And so, I have a couple reasons:

a) University:
"Oh but, you're in first year! You can't be thaaaat busy!". No, wait. It's not because I'm busy or anything. It just that I don't do anything art related anymore. I study Journalism which involves a lot of going out and writing - hence this blog. So the time when I did most of my speed drawing videos, I was still at college where I was studying Art.

b) YouTube deleted a few of my videos! It just became annoying when I had made videos, and they were perfectly fine, and then for them to gain 40k+++ views, only to have it deleted because the music I had used in it, belonged to some company. It really annoyed me when one of my videos - a KAT-TUN drawing where I drew all six members - managed to gain a lot of publicity around in Asia, and then it got deleted :(
I still have all of the photos though...

I remember I spent absolutely AGES on this, and then it got deleted from YouTube *tear*.

c) I'm trying to venture out to other things.... mostly writing and filming (which I will be doing more of in my second year of my degree!) My time doing speed drawings (for now) is done.

Would you ever start doing videos again?
Hmmm, at the moment, no. I don't really feel it's my main thing anymore. I do love drawing (and I still post up random drawings that I've done, onto my Facebook and here); but as for YouTube speed drawings, don't think I will make them anytime soon... maybe in the future if I don't have a job.. haha!

Any memorable things happened because of the speed drawings?
In quite a few of the videos, people are complimenting on my nails rather than the actual drawing; it's pretty random but it's nice too haha.
One fo the best things that has happened, was when I made the Speed drawing of Mychonny:

(wow wtf, 25,000+ views... hadn't checked it until now!)
So yeah, I made the video and uploaded it (keep in mind, I uploaded it around 11pm that night); then the next morning around 6am I checked my YouTube and turns out Chonny had posted the video on his Facebook page. And I had so many views, a couple hundred new subscribers and also random people adding my Facebook! Random, but it was awesome.
Another cool moment was recently (okay, I mean last year) I made the Speed Drawing of XiaXue:

And I tweeted the video to her, not really expecting her to see it (as she is always busy) but I was a bit worried too, to see what she would say about it. But she RT'd it and tweeted me saying that she loved it! Was sooooo cool ♥

I think the coolest thing about making the videos was that I got to know a lot of people that are 'YouTube Famous' for example Lindy Tsang (Bubzbeauty); Promise Phan; Michelle Phan; and also Imran Khan (you know.. that Amplifer guy haha). So all in all, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

Yeah, I learned from it... YouTube haters and trolls...ever heard of them? Haha I had a few; one called me racist for drawing only Caucasian people (apparently) yet at that time I had drawn Miyavi (Japanese singer), Kidd Skilly (Indian/Mexican rapper), Lauryn Hill.. so it was pretty weird being called racist. And I have the occasional people who say "Oh, it looks a bit weird". Thanks, you're the one viewing my video :) But I guess it's like that with any YouTube video, right?

So yeah, I hope that clears up the question of me not making anymore videos! :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 26 March 2012

Nemo, Part II

YAY I finally made a Flickr account, so you can enjoy looking at my shoddy photography. Took some new photos today of Nemo; they turned out pretty awesome :)


Flickr Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raviosahn/

All photos were taken by Canon IXUS 100 IS
~ xoxo

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Kaerimichi 帰り道


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Things Guys Do That Pisses Girls Off

I'm just putting this out there, considering I'm good at getting the point across. Things that guys do (unintentionally, I hope) that pisses girls off.

1) Don't compare us to other girls. that's a given. And thing is, don't compare us to girls that are nothing like us! By this I mean, we don't like the same music/ dress differently / studying opposite things. It's ridiculous. How would you like it if we compared you to Taylor Lautner or Channing Tatum all the time? Huh? About how you're not muscular, or you don't have a tan. That sort of shit... it's unnecessary :)

2) Don't keep calling and texting us when we say we want to be left alone. It's pretty straight forward. "I want to be left alone" means, I want to be left alone. There is no secret underlying message about how this actually means that we want you to blow our phones up with calls and texts. Bottom line: if a girl wants to be alone. Leave her to it. She will talk once she is ready.

3) "I go it on with this chick last night". Saying this to a girl that you like (and perhaps trying to get her attention) will just drive her away. If you're trying to impress her by saying that you pick up girls all the time, it will just decrease chances of you getting with her. She will probably think you have STD's or something. So yeah, just avoid saying things like that.

4) The infamous "Don't make a girl fall for you if you're not going to catch her". This speaks for itself. It pisses a girl off so much when you lead a girl on, to the point where she does really like you, and then you just all of a sudden stop. Like you didn't even like her in the first place.

5) Overly flirtatious. To the point where you're practically flirting with every girl you talk to. Say, a girl might like you, and if you're flirting with everyone (including her) it will make her think you're either desperate or you just like to have flings. And therefore she won't take you seriously.
And for those that claim to be 'naturally flirtatious'.... just think you're talking to your Grandma (wtf) or something... or just talk normally.

6) Not being clear about how you feel. This is one thing that really pisses me off. It's silly when guys claim that girls say one thing but it means another. The same way, they should be clear about what they are saying. Okay, for example "I like you more than a friend". So.... is that a let's go out? Or what? Like, why can't you be a bit more specific. Also, say either 'yes' or 'no' if you like a girl, there is no 'maybe'. And then it's simple, and there is no need to over complicate things about feelings.

7) Don't be a dick, obviously.

So these are just some things that guys do that I (and my friends haha) get pissed off about. if you're a guy reading this, imagine if she didn't give you your space when you wanted time alone; or if she constantly talked about going home with guys; or if she was very indecisive about how she feels... it would piss you off too, right?

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I felt the need to jump on the bandwagon, and write a post about the cosmetics I carry around with me on a daily basis.

First things first, I don't actually use a makeup bag anymore, as I just use a compartment section of the bag I carry all of my books/pens/iPod & phone charger/vitamins, and all that jazz. And also, I carry quite a lot of things with me as some of the time, I wake up to only have time to get ready and do everything except apply my makeup.

1) Nivea Visage - Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

For the best application, a good moisturiser is needed. And this happens to be my absolute favourite moisturiser that I have ever purchased, and I can't stress this enough!
My skin used to suffer really badly during the past few months because of the weather and poor diet and stress, and so I decided to look for one of the cheapest options of moisturiser. So I picked up this Nivea Regenerating Night Cream, and I'm so glad I did! My skin has gone from dry and dull, to bright and soft and supple.
When I first use the moisturiser, it felt really rich and greasy (which isn't really a good thing for me as my skin is super sensitive!) but I thought I would still try it. And I woke up to a moisturised face that didn't suffer a break out! And the thing I love about it is that it's not expensive, like less than £5. And it's a big tub so it can last you months!
So I apply this lightly in the morning prior to applying makeup, and wait around 15 minutes for my skin to absorb it! I also use this at night but I apply it more generously.

2)Boi-Ing Benefit Concealer - 02

I bought this after desperately searching for a good concealer that will hide my hideous under eye circles. This retails for around £16 so I was hesitant buying it, but I am happy that I did! I find that it was similar to MAC's concealer as it provides good coverage, but I prefer this one more as it doesn't dry out and emphasize my fine lines. This manages to stay put for long amounts of time (this is a huge plus for me, as I am on the go from 6am until say, 7pm).
My sister tried out this concealer, but she felt that it as too light for her - yet it was perfect for me. I am around NC30 in MAC shade, so if you are NC25 - NC30, this shade will suit you well! Benefit offers an 01 and 03 shade, so check it out! :)

3) Body Shop : All In One Face Base - 05

This is a sort of thick powder (almost like a pressed powder but a bit more thicker and non-drying). And I pat this all over my face after applying concealer. I don't really use a lot of this though. I like this because the shade really matches my skin colour (and I find it SO hard to find a powder/foundation that actually matches me). I prefer this so much compared to the Pressed Powders that you can buy from Body Shop, as they all have an orange-ish colour which doesn't flatter my skin tone.

4) L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara

I like these double mascaras, as they work for different purposes. The white to help volumise and lengthen the lashes, and the black can be used alone just to help make the lashes visible (better than no mascara at all) and perfect for a natural daily look when you don't feel like wearing a lot of mascara. This is perfect with or without eyeliner, as sometimes I feel eyeliner doesn't look really flattering on the eyes - unless you used a brown eyeliner.

5) No 7 Cream Cheek Tint in shade Clove

I also bought this with another £5 voucher, I had never used a creamy cheek tint before, so I decided to try it out!

This is how it looks when applied, but it is blendable (and blends incredibly well!) and also buildable.

what i love about this cream blush, is that it looks very natural when it's applied. It suits my skin tone and compliments it, and looks a lot more natural than a powder. This tint is matte, and I prefer this to other powder blushes, as I feel that powder blushes are too obvious as they sit on the face. This one can be blended and doesn't emphasise the texture of your skin (if you have bad skin, that is). You can apply a powder blush on top of this if you wish, but I think it looks really nice on it's own. And this shade is great for a natural look! :)

6) No7 Sheer Temptation in Shades: Attract & Delight

Attract - Nude shade
Delight - Pinkish shade

Delight was the first shade I had purchased from the No7 brand, as I had a £5 voucher and felt that I wanted to purchase a pinkish lipstick. But what I absolutely love about this lipstick, is that it's moisturising and sheer! It doesn't apply as concentrated as it looks (I remember my sister saying it looked "very bright" when she first saw it) but it's really sheer and looks more like a lipgloss. It's great for when you want to use something moisturising but want a poop of colour too!

This shade, Attract, is incredibly nude. It is almost as if it is a clear lipgloss. But this is great for applying over another colour, or just when you want your lips to look natural but all one colour. If you get what I mean? Sometimes I feel that my lips are sometimes uneven in colour, and this helps to make them look even.

I hope you like this post! As it's my first sort of beauty related post :) and check out the products that I used! :) You will like them! :)

~ xoxo


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Don't Look Back.

I woke up today, after the longest sleep I've had since last October. I opened my eyes to rays of sun beaming through my floral curtains, creating a pleasant yellow hue in my room. I felt paralyzed and confused. Paralyzed to my senses, for those first few waking seconds where I have no idea who I was and where I am. And, confused as to why I felt like getting out of bed, and leaving my room. As usually, I stay in bed for hours, tossing and turning, and dreaming of a better life. My head was finally empty, I had no thoughts about being alone. Technically, I woke up alone, but I felt assured by my own company. Today, I felt a calm sense of relief. Relief. Knowing that I was going to be alright.

What happened in October, you ask? A series of unfortunate events, that I choose not to mention here. But let's just say that these events, took a toll on my life. It was like a grey cloud, that haunted me every waking moment of those bitter few months. I had not been able to sleep peacefully since, until last night. For many, many nights in a row, I wept. Alone in my bed, I wept. Instead of at least trying to sleep, I wept. The girl I used to know as positive and fun, became an emotional wreck. A dysfunctional family of irrational thoughts and mood-swings, that clashed.

Although the feeling of relief didn't feel promising, I knew I was going to be okay. There was no constant reminder that my life was, utterly shit, as it had suddenly disappeared. It took off during the night whilst I was sleeping, rather than sleeping underneath the covers with me. I no longer had this claw of depression in my back, as if it had finally loosened it's grasp and perched on someone else's shoulder. To haunt them for a couple of months instead.

I strolled out of the bed that I had once used as a shield against facing the outer world, and took a glance to the left to look in the large mirror. I saw myself. As if I hadn't seen my own reflection in such a long time. Like I took a vacation in a distant bleak place, and finally returned home. It was that sense of relief and comfort I felt. I no longer saw an unfamiliar face, a face of a girl who didn't deserve this mentality. But now I saw the girl, whom I've seen for nearly 20 years, and she wore a smile. Along with a healthy radiance of positivity.

It's great to feel like myself again, with the body that my mind has been assigned to since 1992. I felt at peace, as if my mind and body has found the perfect balance, and were working in harmony to keep this girl happy. And now, I have decided the way to keep this pleasant feeling, is to keep moving forward. And don't look back...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Week of 12-03-12 update ~


I was waiting in the car whilst my dad went to go do some shopping, and spotted this dog in the car next to me just chilling like a boss. It was so cute and kept running around in the car and looking around at people walking past! I want a dog now... :(

Oh! I found out my friend Siobhan has the same birthday as me whilst I was interviewing her during Journalistic Writing! It was so random and it's cool. :)


so Wednesday was the day that Starbucks gave out FREE tall lattes before noon! Luckily I had a morning seminar and was able to pick up my free Chai Tea Latte... it was so yummy!

The lady who served me asked for my name, but spelled it wrong... but it sounds and looks cuter with an 'e' on the end haha! I think I prefer Ravie than Ravi... Hmmm :P

Another thing that happened on Wednesday, that I have no photos of, was when I managed to meet up with a friend - who will remain anonymous for now - and we ended up having talk in Caffe Nero, that lasted a couple of hours. The conversation was pretty good - but it left me thinking a lot of things and I'm having a re-evaluate things. I can't really say what exactly, but it has made me want to change (or improve) some traits of mine. Just change for the better really.

And we ended up having a discussion about religion, yes, hence why I made the blog post later that day about it. But that blog post has created such a fuss with many people, and I don't get why others feel so inclined to tell me what I have done wrong by believing and saying what I said. I will post more about this another time, but just not now.

Anyway, this person ended up buying a shitty dry cake that had chocolate chips in it. He took one bite of it and goes "eurgh, what the hell is this?" and re-read the packaging label. Haha. And some random guy came upstairs and asked us where to buy the drinks from. As if that bloke walked past the ladies serving in Caffe Nero, to walk upstairs and ask us where to buy the coffee...?! Ah! Some people!


Why Men Love Bitches, is a book that I am next going to purchase! I flicked through it with Vinday and we came to the conclusion that being in love is just a game, a chasing game. It can be fun, annoying, difficult or a breeze... It seems like quite a funny book, so I will probably buy it soon!

These are some books that I bought;
Eat Pray Love was one I purchased on Thursday, and the other Journalism books I had purchased online from Amazon and arrived that day. So it looks like I have a lot to read, but I know they will be beneficial to my degree and also my career choice.

I was really craving Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and Vinday thought it would be a good idea to get the BIG tubs from Sainsburys...without realising that the tub totalled to 1000+ calories. We felt so sick after we ate it...ahh! But I do love Cookie Dough ice cream, mmmm!

We had our 'end of Term' meet up again with all of our Journalism crew minus a few others. This is the cheese burger that I ate, it was so yummy! And the get together was a lot of fun too, I really love those guys - Ah I know, cheesy - but they are all awesome. And I think things are a funnier after a drink or two hehe.. It's a shame that not everyone could make it!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Why I Never Bothered With KONY2012

Everyone, okay most of you, have heard of the Invisible Children campaign to help find and arrest that Ugandan warlord Kony. It was a trending topic on Twitter and the video went viral fucking everywhere. Around 50+ people on my Facebook posted the video caption with "FIND KONY2012!!!!" as if posting a video on their timeline will actually help.

I know this is really late, and this Kony stuff blew up around a week ago, but I still feel the need to share my opinion, after all lately many people are reading my blog for my *amazing* opinions.

So I was at University when this all surfaced on the internet, and I didn't pay any attention to it. It was only until a few people tweeted me with "STOP KONY2012" or something like that, and I decided to ask "What is all of this Kony stuff?" and a friend of mine shared the video on my Facebook wall. Which I didn't watch fully. I watched around 2 minutes of it, got bored, and moved further into the video to see why everyone on Facebook and Twitter felt the need to become Social Rights activists.

So these three guys (students - to be particular), went to Africa to make a video, yes, to come back to America with a tragic video that will storm the internet. They didn't go solely to find and stop Kony. Yuck. And the fact that this was a campaign - and dwelled on something that happened six years ago, made me not take the situation seriously. The video was very well edited (only the few minutes of it that I bothered to watch).

Thing is, I did have sympathy for the children that were harmed because of all of this, but I do not know these children. I don't participate in Slacktivism* for people, and a huge viral story that everyone decided was so important.

*Slacktivism: "..."feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction. Slacktivist activities include signing Internet petitions, joining a community organization without contributing to the organization's efforts, copying and pasting of Social Network statuses or messages or altering one's personal data or avatar on social network services."

Many of you have probably engaged in slacktivism, and I don't blame you. BUT what can a video do to help people? What will posting a video on your Facebook wall do for these children that are suffering? How will tweeting a million fucking times to other Twitter users about how they should "spread the word about Kony", going to benefit and help these children?".

Some of these people have forgotten that this movie was filmed and focused on a point several years ago, and apparently this Ugandan warlord is no longer in Uganda. And has probably fleed Africa. Who knows?

I'm not a heartless person by not wanting to 'participate' in "helping to find Kony". In fact I donate to charity, I donated £1 yesterday to an animal charity outside a makeup shop.

But I don't understand why America and other countries are having to donate a hell of a lot of money to the Invisible Children charity, when they are currently in a money crisis. In fact, many countries are in a money crisis, so where is all of this money that is going to this charity coming from? And why can't it be used for other purposes, like, I don't know, getting the country out of debt!?

It's just too much douchebaggery and I never followed this 'trend'. I didn't post this on my Facebook or on my Twitter as I knew I couldn't be arsed with all of this, to be honest. And it's now a week after the the viral video blew up, and guess what, no one gives a fuck anymore. It was just a trend to post it on your Facebook, rather than to go out and actually do something about it. Yeah, slacktivism - just posting it up on your wall to make you look like you give a damn, when chances are you probably don't.

I saw this and LOL'd for ages... man, XiaXue is fucking awesome.

~ xoxo

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Happy Stuff from Tumblr ~

Some 'feel good' photos I found on tumblr... :D

From one of my favourite movies EVER ♥

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