Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Self-control on Disturbing Emotions ~

"Craving, hatred, and the other passions are enemies without hands or feet; they are neither brave nor intelligent. How have I become their slave? Entrenched in my heart, they strike at me at will. Fie on such ridiculous patience!"


Reading the book "A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill Happiness" by Matthieu Ricard ; I felt inspired to write this particular post. On Friday, I was in the University library and was looking through books for my Politics essay, but being me, I tend to procrastinate a little too much. And so, I ended up looking through books about Buddhism. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to become another religion or anything like that, I just like to be open minded. Plus the title of this book seemed to capture me as I was going through a rough time that day. So I thought why not, and it could make me think a little differently.

The chapters are pretty cool, like False Friends, When Our Thoughts Become Our Worst Enemies (which I think applies to majority of people who tend to over analyse events), and this chapter in particular, Disturbing Emotions: The Remedies.

The top quote is from this particular chapter, and it has a big truth behind it. Negative emotions, or irrational thoughts (whatever you want to call them) are just things in the mind. It does not exist, it can't physically hurt you. However, negative emotions can mentally break you down if you let them take over your life. Just how you should be in control of your life, and not become a 'slave' to these irrational thoughts.

Later on in this chapter, Ricard talks about comparing these emotions to a disease.

"One might argue that the conflictive emotions - anger, jealousy, greed - are acceptable because they are natural, and that there is no need to interfere with them. But disease is a natural phenomenon too. We do not resign ourselves to it or welcome it as a desirable ingredient to life. It is just as legitimate to act against afflictive emotions as it is to treat a disease. Are these negative emotions really diseases?"

Yeah this is a different view on emotions, right? But there is truth in his words. Just like a disease spreading in our bodies, negative emotions can remain with us creating inner conflict and therefore perhaps making us suffer chronically. So, how do we solve these issues?

"We have to begin by recognizing that the afflictive emotions are harmful to our well-being. This assessment is based not on some dogmatic distinction between good and bad, but on observation of the short- and long-term repercussions of certain emotions on oneself and on others"

This cannot be done quickly and easily, but gradually; it can be possible to free yourself of these negative emotions.

I hope you guys found this intersting, or at least helpful? :) Thanks for reading, and here's a photo of myself...you know... just showing that I'm still alive :P

Take care :)

~ xoxo

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