Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rain ~


The condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops.

Rain falls.

noun. shower - wet

verb. shower - pour

I know rain can be one of those 'bad' things. It ruins our hair and makeup, makes us feel cold and overall depressed. Now, the last week, it rained so much. So much to the point that I was complaining so much about how it was wet and cold (worst combination ever, and I had to walk into uni with a hoody underneath my coat. The worst thing is that when it rains, my hair turns wavy after I spend time in the morning straightening it.

"Why must it rain?!?"
I think to myself. Well, after all these negative thoughts about rain, I managed to think about positive thoughts about rain...

Like; why does it smell so great once it has rained (in a forest / grass land area that is!). The air smells so fresh, and grassy. I absolutely love that smell! And how the location around us looks alive; there is more contrast in the colours of objects around us look more vibrant... But on a serious note: I think of how we get to experience rain. We are able to walk in the rain, feel the water on our skin, feel the cold wind against our faces. It's something that I guess we all end up taking for advantage. There are countries where people have to face months and months of hot weather and sun exposure, that they would love to have a rainy day, week or month.

It's the cold and rainy weather that makes us appreciate the hot and sunny weather ♥

~ xoxo

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